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http://dcist.com/2008/10/three_stars_emonifela.php - DCIST.COM


http://ghettomanga.blogspot.com/2007/05/emonifela-is-back.html - GMANGA


http://ghettomanga.blogspot.com/2007/05/emonifela-is-back.html - SOULBOUNCE


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIffYjxx3HQ - CAN A SISTA ROCK A MIC

"YO! Emoni"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5ZnqJWZZPs - Mercury's Epic Adventures

"YO! Emoni Pt.2"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE25m-IYax8 - Mercury's Epic Adventures


STILL WAITING FOR THE BUS E.P (performer/writer/executive producer) SUMMER 2007

(performer/writer/executive producer) (Winter 2009)



Who is......... emoniFela

“…spirit first. earthchild by day. hu(e)man beeing AND doing. emcee. fashion fighter by night. poet. thug intellectual. sk8r grrrl. nubian gangsta. emoDJ. mickey mouse pimp. baby of a pirate. the original funky fresh brown NINJA otherwise known in japan as straight dopeness - lover of love - computer groupie - hippie on sundays - lil yoda - believer – master debater – camera[gangster] - native washingtonian – i am light. i am truth. i am peace. i am spirit. i am freedom.
i am emoniFela…”

...It has been said that children should be seen and not heard. But contrary to this popular belief, emoniFela makes her presence known whenever she enters a room. A passionate poet, brilliant artist, and dedicated activist, emoniFela is more than just your average 19-year-old. From the words that penetrate her tongue, to the bubbly personality stored within, Emoni is someone that the world will soon get to know and love.

Born Emoni Wilkins, Emoni changed her name to emoniFela after recognizing her gift and appreciation for the Nigerian revolutionary artist Fela Kuti. “Fela is my hero! He had/and still has such a strong presence in music- and I can only hope to be half of the great that he was someday!” says this native Washingtonian. It is obvious that Emoni refuse’s to be boxed “I am inspired by to many things!” Describing her music as “Exotic Hip-Hop” – one can only imagine where this kid is bound to take you musically. Whether she’s conveying the truth through her poetry, rhyming in front of a sold-out crowd, public speaking to the old and young, or deejaying at the “jump’n” spot, Fela consistently leaves her audience wanting more.

Emoni recognized her passion at the tender age of seven when she wrote her first poem. Even at this youthful age, it was plain to see that a new star was on the horizon. As her writing matured, so did her desire to take her gift to the next level. She began writing lyrics and uniting them to music, making energy and emotion part of the collaboration. “When people are surprised by my age because of my message, I tell them art and expression doesn’t have an age. I don’t consider myself ahead of my time, rather just right on it!” says this young phenomenon. What began as just a hobby has now become her biggest passion. “It’s important to me how I come across in my music and how people perceive me as an artist.” “My biggest goal is not just to entertain you, but to inspire, empower, and educate you as well.”

As an aspiring emcee, Emoni has been showcasing her talents to a wide range of audiences, most recently head lining her own shows. At the age of 12, she became the youngest artist to ever appear on Joe’s Place, a weekly radio segment on DC’s 96.3 WHUR. Her presence was so well-received that it prompted the producer of another local station, WPFW, to schedule Emoni for a full hour appearance on Women with Voices. Before long, the hype was built and Emoni was seen opening for Jive recording artist Raheem DeVaughn, performing at Beats for Peace alongside Cee-Lo Green, the Dungen Family, and Slum Village- and wowing crowds at the Congressional Black Caucus gala in Washington, DC. Fela has also been seen gracing stages with KRS-One, The Roots, The Last Poets, Mos Def, Bahamadia, Ursula Rucker, Floetry, Dead Prez, Esthero, Bilal, Toni Blackman, and Lady Bug Mecca just to name a few. In 2008, Emoni was the only female artist to feature at the XM Radio J.Dilla Tribute with Pete Rock, Talib Kweli, and J.Dilla’s mother, and from that was invited to do several other J.Dilla Tributes as well as perform 3 years in a row at the YO! MTV Raps celebration. And although this area of recording is considered mainly male territory, Emoni says that she is confident enough to know where she stands. Her self-assured attitude as a well-rounded artist makes it easy for her to press against the odds to prove that real talent still has a place in the music industry, even as a female.

Fela pours her emotions into each and every song. One might listen to her voice and lyrical content and you’re tempted to draw comparisons: Lauren Hill, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah. But listen a bit longer and those comparisons begin to dissipate as it becomes clear that while Emoni certainly channels the creativity of those who have come before her, she definitely has a style and flavor of her own.

Emoni’s music is deeply entertaining and transcends all gender-specific and age-related constraints. “I write about issues that affect me personally, as well as those affecting my community and the world. Whether it’s me, you, or the person sitting next to me and you, at the end of the day we can all relate.” Aside from music, Emoni also serves as the Youth Ambassador of the National Black L.U.V Festival. While serving, Emoni created the “WHERE IS THE BLACK L.U.V WITH BLACK GIRLS” program, going into high schools and hostin