Creature Company

Creature Company

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The debut album from Creature Company combines elements of rock, metal and the remains of the band's funk past as Stex Jebba. Heavy riff rock meets groovy funk rhythms to give the music a unique sound.


We got together as four strangers in 2006 with just a glimpse of any sort of common ground – musically or otherwise. It was an experiment, to see what would happen. All of us having somewhat put down our weapons of choice for greener, more “professional” pastures, it was a bit like learning all over again. Which is the fun part.

After learning the basics of each others methods and creative sources, we started playing funk. We were pretty good at it. Citing Red Hot Chili Peppers as a main influence, we pushed funk into the corners of each of our musical tastes. Pushed it closer to metal, closer to punk, closer to southern rock. We added Goldy. The lone lady horseman in this band of pioneers.

Our handle at the time was Stex Jebba. A conglomeration of syllables with no real meaning other than being pleasing to the tongue and ear. Seemed perfect for the likes of us – five beings from five different places, spawning from five different musical cocoons with no real purpose other than creating and collectively being a conduit for … whatever the hell is was the musical gods had put us here for. We were explorers and we liked it. Not knowing what would come next musically.

We played shows. And more shows. And a shit-ton more shows. Then went out to Palmdale to record a record. Then played more shows.

Then came the renaissance.

We had taken the party funk music as far as we perceived it could go. Something had to break. We wanted to push further. We wanted to be louder. We wanted to rock. And so the sound changed. The honeymoon period was over. We had some scars and we wanted to show them. Things got more personal. We had been stigmatized as playing party funk with little merit other than drinking music. We were pissed.

And so we pulled back from the shows and from the public eye for a while to craft new tunes and record a new record. We were bigger and badder and louder. It was time to shed the skin.

And so Stex Jebba became Creature Company.

No transition is without its loses, however, and we lost a funkstrong pioneer along the way. However, with a new drummer, a new sound, and a new name we were ready to take on the world again. Stronger than ever and ready to melt faces.

‘Vice’ was completed at the tail end of 2009. And there is already a new batch of heft on the horizon. Creatures of habit, bound by vices, we claw our way towards infamy.


Vice EP - 2009
The Bends (Single) - 2009
Control Nothing (Single) - 2009

Set List

A typical set list would include
- The Wolf
- Dillinger
- Control Nothing
- Retribution
- COVER: "God's Gonna Cut You Down (Run On)" based on the Johnny Cash version
- Backlash
- The Bends

Having songs (particularly Backlash and The Bends) play continuously into each other is not uncommon.

Other covers may include: Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more rock songs with the occasional throw-back/pop tune.