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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Cyclone Records"

As an independent record label, Cyclone Records has worked with dozens of different artists of different genres as well as being exposed to hundreds of other acts. We have always strived to work with only the best of the best and to determine this; we use a criteria based on talent (of course) but also business savvy, dedication and responsiveness.
Cyclone Records is very pleased to have Creature Republic in its roster because their talent, song-writing and product quality are exceptional. In addition to this though, nowhere have we seen a band as committed to their craft and their own promotion as Creature Republic. They definitely lead the pack (so to speak) in terms of their vision, commitment to that vision and follow through.
It is always a pleasure to work with Creature Republic because they take care of the business side of things in a very timely and professional manner. We see a future for Creature Republic and are dedicated to assisting them in whatever way to make this possible. - Brad Trew

"The Little Show Podcast"

I spent 22 years in the radio business and have heard a lot of music. This band stuck out from the first listen and that says a lot. Creature Republic has a clever blend of pure rock with meaningful lyrics.
Don’t bother just buying one song, download the entire album, you will be very happy. - Scott St. John

"Independent Clauses"

It’s good to hear a rock album that just goes for it and doesn’t suck at doing it. This may be the only modern rock album that I’ve heard that I didn’t feel compelled to turn off partway through, and it’s because Creature Republic knows where its strength lies- solid guitars and attitude-laced vocals. They don’t go for flashy solos or power-ballads- just solid rock, all through.

And that’s a relief, because the guitars are truly solid and the vocals are truly worthwhile. For the second time this month, I’m completely impressed by a female vocalist, as Alicia Hoogveld really knows her stuff. She has an alto voice that’s not too husky or manly, neither too high nor operatic- a very straightforward, no-nonsense type of voice. It works perfectly in the context of the low-slung guitar songwriting. And it should, because Hoogveld is also the guitarist unleashing the rock on this album. Thus, she can work with the songs until she’s comfortable with the vocals and the guitars in their right place. This makes a huge difference in their sound, as the vocals never sound strained and the guitars never fall out of time. The guitars themselves are pretty varied, from the metal overtones of “Watch Your Aim” to the charging rock of “Break Through” to the metal breakdown of “The Will to Fight”.

But don’t forget the bassist- no slouch either, Jarrett Sullivan lays down some impressive licks, such as the opening riff in “Break Through” and some impressive riffing in the bridge of “So Cold”.

With the added punch of the straight-forward drums (thankfully not overpowering), Creature Republic is a slick, mean modern-rock machine. They avoid songwriting clichés with varied guitar songwriting and nice bass work, they reject vocal repetition with the talented vocal cords of Ms. Hoogveld, and they generally destroy everyone in the modern rock scene right now. Creature Republic is impressive. - Stephen Carradini

"Virus Zine"

It seems a lot of the time bands with a female lead singer tend to be lumped together, in the hot chick with a backup band category, and even though they have a hot chick fronting the band, they're talented enough to be seen as a band that works hard and pumps out great music... - Maytina

"Loud Orange Review"

Canadian newcomer Creature Republic is clearly a band of extraordinary extremes -- not to mention talent. Singer Alicia Hoogveld's strong vocals combine spectacularly with Michael Holbrook's thumping rhythms, Sean Dillman's powerful riffs, and Jarrett Sullivan's driving bass. This foursome combine to spawn songs that would be as comfortable on mainstream radio as on any alt-pop station.
Hailing from Canada, Creature Republic will quickly draw you in with their fusion of fiery rock and sweet melody. To say that their innovative compositions are refreshing is as much of an understatement as saying the Grand Canyon is a bit on the large side. "Road To Nowhere" is the song that has started the ball rolling on their debut CD, Watch Your Aim. With it's fierce opening riff, "Road To Nowhere" is pretty yet direct, with verses that give way to powerful choruses.
Alicia Hoogveld is a star in the making not only for her incredible vocals, but also for her lyrical knack. The clever tone of the opener makes this clear, and the political viewpoint of the third track "Watch Your Aim" confirms it further.
In addition to "Road To Nowhere" and "Watch Your Aim," there are several other songs that have a similar impact. "Will To Fight" rocks with force and is made more interesting with the slow build of Hoogveld's voice. "So Cold" oozes panache, while "The Will To Fight" begins with a forceful bass line and is evidence of a band in complete harmony.
Creature Republic may be too alternative for pure pop and too pop to be totally alternative, but this contradiction is precisely the reason they are gaining a fan base, and the reason why you should be on the lookout for them. - Sherri Gibbons

"Main Featured Artist"

Creature Republic was selected to be featured on: "In The Spotlight" on Sonicbids' Home Page. - Sonicbids


2007 (Like a Glove Records) - 9 Track LP 'Apparitions of Apathy'
2005 (Like a Glove Records) - Single 'In This Place'
2005 (Cyclone Records) - Singles 'Road to Nowhere' and 'Watch Your Aim' featured on Alberta's Best Rock Compilation 'On the Verge'
2005 (Like a Glove Records) - 7 Track EP 'Watch Your Aim'



A trio based out of Canada - fronted by female vocals, with powerful riffs and hypnotic grooves... Their blend of hard rock, unforgettable melodies and driving beats, delivers a unique and cutting-edge sound.

Creature Republic has signed with Cyclone Records to complete their next album titled 'Apparitions of Apathy'. This project will be fully backed financially by the Indie Label.

This release breaks the norm of your typical CD release and will be different in approach to their debut EP 'Watch Your Aim'. Recorded in three segments at Calgary's premiere recording studio, Sundae Sound, each segment will consist of three songs and will be released in stages to generate interest and a mounting anticipation about the final instalment.

With the Podcasting phenomenon, and Creature Republic's recognition within that community, the initial promotion of the album will be mainly via Podcasting. The tracks will also be available for online distribution through iTunes and Napster before the hardcopy CD is released.