Creature Republic

Creature Republic


When asked: "Who do they sound like?" The answer is always the same: "They sound like Creature Republic"...


A trio based out of Canada - fronted by female vocals, with powerful riffs and hypnotic grooves... Their blend of hard rock, unforgettable melodies and driving beats, delivers a unique and cutting-edge sound.

Creature Republic has signed with Cyclone Records to complete their next album titled 'Apparitions of Apathy'. This project will be fully backed financially by the Indie Label.

This release breaks the norm of your typical CD release and will be different in approach to their debut EP 'Watch Your Aim'. Recorded in three segments at Calgary's premiere recording studio, Sundae Sound, each segment will consist of three songs and will be released in stages to generate interest and a mounting anticipation about the final instalment.

With the Podcasting phenomenon, and Creature Republic's recognition within that community, the initial promotion of the album will be mainly via Podcasting. The tracks will also be available for online distribution through iTunes and Napster before the hardcopy CD is released.



Written By: Alicia Hoogveld

Not a day goes by when I
I don't see you in his eyes
Bits and pieces of your life
Your every layer through time

Your apparitions through these halls
It reminds me why I fall
I hear your voice and what it brings
It goes well with guilty feelings

Just look at the life I burned
Wondering when I'd take my turn
Look at the life I burned

You take the heat I'll take the blisters
You take the heat I'll take the blisters
It’s these scars that bind us now as sisters
You take the heat I'll take it all


2007 (Like a Glove Records) - 9 Track LP 'Apparitions of Apathy'
2005 (Like a Glove Records) - Single 'In This Place'
2005 (Cyclone Records) - Singles 'Road to Nowhere' and 'Watch Your Aim' featured on Alberta's Best Rock Compilation 'On the Verge'
2005 (Like a Glove Records) - 7 Track EP 'Watch Your Aim'

Set List

40 - 60 minutes

In Between
Perfect Lie
Wasting My Time
Blood On My Hands
Take It All
In This Place

Go With The Flow (QOTSA)