Creature With The Atom Brain

Creature With The Atom Brain



The creature was born when the 13th Floor Elevators were recording 'Bull Of The Woods', was still young when the Butthole Surfers wrote 'The Revenge Of Anus Presley' and is waiting for the new ‘Lightning Bolt’ album to come out.

And it’s hard to tell who this man really is when he and his two buddies take the stage to launch their spastic, clattering rhythmic explosions and stridently barked vocals on a yet oblivious public. You would have to wait until the cellophane outfit comes off to recognize Mr. Snake as Tim Vanhamel’s guitar and keyboardplayer in Millionaire and Mark Lanegan’s chosen one for synths on his latest album Bubblegum.

Between recordings with Josh Homme for Millionaire’s second album and major label debut (to be released later this year) and touring with the Mark Lanegan Band whenever they hit Europe, Mr. Snake withdrew to his private quarters in Antwerp to work on the two Creature 12” EPs that he put out on the Conspiracy label over the past year.

Wanting to take his project onto stage, Mr Snake did not need to look too far to find the perfect companions who share his silent appreciation for junk noise and off-kilter song structures. The thin razor-edged guitar is wonderfully completed by the nervous low-end rattling machine-gun percussion of Millionaire drummer Dave Schroyen, while long time friend and colleague Jan Wygers, one of Mauro’s Grooms, vouches for bass riffs that help make the sudden time changes and not-quite-linear song structures all the more intriguing. In short: Creature With the Atom Brain take the melodic sensibilities of soaring '60s and '70s pop and raise the stakes for the post-punk age, amping up the raw power and nihilistic energy.

While the aptly titled EP ‘The Snake’ and his recent successor ‘Kill The Snake’ were released on vinyl only, Creature’s full album debut is expected somewhere early next year and will also be available to those who couldn’t resist the pressure to hand in their turntables for the supposedly more convenient cd player. Beware!