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Cambridge, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Acoustic




"Featured: October 7-October 13, 2012 - Credit Valley - Something"

It is October 7th 2012 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

Labelling themselves as landlocked surf pop/indie rock, Cambridge, Ontario's Credit Valley is receiving this week's spot.

Since forming in early 2010, this band has certainly done a lot. On the band's Facebook page it states, "In the short time that they have been together, Credit Valley has been proud to share the stage with bands such as Ten Second Epic, These Kids Wear Crowns, A Rocket To The Moon, Brighter Brightest, Courage My Love and Breaching Vista. Their talent and showmanship have earned them spots in the Cambridge Arts Festival, Rock the Mill 2011 and the Cambridge Mayor's Celebration of the Arts." On top of those [already amazing] accomplishments, they have many new ones to add to their list.

In December of 2011, Credit Valley made top four in the Best Band Battle 2011, which was held in Waterloo, Ontario. Only one month later and they were selected to be a part of a soundtrack for a local independent Canadian film, titled All I Need. Plus, that same month they won the 2012 Long & McQuade Battle Of The Bands contest in Stratford, Ontario. Beyond that, they were selected, yet again, to be a part of another soundtrack for a Canadian independent film, titled Locked In A Garage Band, back in April of 2012.

Considering these guys have only been around for a little over two years, the fact that they have accomplished so much is phenomenal. Plus, although Credit Valley is back to their original two members, siblings Cacia Murphy (vocals / bass) and Callon Murphy (guitar / backing vocals), they still have a lot coming your way. And, because this band has shown us how incredible they truly are their song Something is being recognized this week.

On the band's Facebook band page it adds, "With originals that run the gamut from pop/punk to ska to folksy alternative rock to surf, they have gathered new fans with each show. Their music reaches out to both genders and all ages."

So, if you do not know about Credit Valley make sure to check them out soon. With their "tight sound and honest lyrics" continually putting this band in the minds of everyone, you will surely hear of them very soon! And, Something has definitely earned this week's featured 'Song of the Week' spot.

Also, this band is currently looking for a new guitarist and drummer. So, if you or anyone you know may be interested be sure to get in contact with the band through their Facebook page.

Credit Valley has many videos posted on their Youtube Channel for you to check out. They also have a live version of Something posted, which you can watch here:
- Basement Entertainment

"Local Musicians Support Each Other in Close-Knit Group (By Nora Meszaros)"

Sometimes, credit’s gotta be given where credit is due, and right now in the local music scene, it needs to be given to bands with strong female personalities. Credit Valley, who formed in early 2010 after a local talent show commit­ment turned into passion for making music, is one of the more upbeat, fun bands in the area right now. They consider themselves “landlocked surf pop” – a description fitting to a tee.

“Our songs are peppy and generally quite positive,” lead vocalist Cacia Murphy, 17, said. “We’re always all smiles on stage and we’re fully aware that we are doing what we love to do. We’re happy people and it’s visible in our music.”

Indeed, Credit Valley offers a sigh of relief amongst the heavier metal and deathcore genres in the area, which is often “weary,” as Murphy pointed out. Faced with the recent departure of lead guitarist Andrew Prosser, who is pursuing post-secondary education instead, and drummer Nathan Cumber, who has left to pursue other projects, Credit Valley still remains positive.

“We have no intention of quitting,” Murphy said, stating her and rhythm guitarist, Callon Murphy, fully intend to play acoustically while they seek out a new guitarist and drummer. Catch their positive vibes this August in Cambridge at both Rock The Mill and A Day & Night in Hespeler Village.
- Imprint - The University of Waterloo's Official Student Newspaper

"Credit Valley Interview"

Cacia, Riley, Callon and Nathan from Credit Valley sat down and did an interview with us! Check it out, and be prepared to laugh so hard you fall off your chair.

1. What’s better, llamas or alpacas?

Alpacas… Llamas are too main stream.

2. How do you describe your music?

High fives and friendship! Pop with an edge.

3. What’s the most played song on your I-pod?

Callon – Probably “Who knows who Cares” by the Local Natives.
Riley – Fo Sho “Mola Ram” by Die Atlantic!
Cacia – Easily “The Future Freaks Me Out” by Motion City Soundtrack.
Nathan – “In Friends we Trust” by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

4. If you could do a concert with any band or musician who would it be and why?

Motion City Soundtrack, because they’re major influences on us, they seem like hilarious guys, and they put on one hell of a show!

5. What can fans expect from you in the future?

Lots of new material and funny hats!

6. What’s your favourite part about being in a band?

Writing, performing and spreading our message to anyone and everyone we can!

7. What’s your favourite thing about Canada?

Tim Horton’s, Beaver Tails, Alexisonfire (RIP), polar bears, and Meese!

8. Who do you think are the best Canadian talent right now?

Brighter Brightest: Great guys that play great music and own adorable cats!

9. How did you come up with your band name?

So one day, Cacia was chilling in our practice space (The Murphy’s basement) with some friends, and she decided to go through a box of baby stuff. She found a matching hat & shirt that said, “I was born at Credit Valley hospital” and we thought the concept of baby advertisement was hilarious. Plus, the shirt had a stork. It was cute.

10. Before you perform, do you usually get nervous?

We normally don’t get nervous until we start playing… But once we get into it, we just start having fun.

11. Do you have any pre-show rituals?

MANSHAKE! The shaking of each other’s hands whilst screaming, “MANSHAKE!”

12. If a ninja and a pirate were fighting, who do you think would win?

Neither would win. They would make up and have ninja-pirate babies who will grow up to rule the world with the peaceful ways their parents taught them.

13. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Cacia – The power to read people’s minds! That would be so cool! But I would want to channel it only at will. I would start to go crazy with all of those voices in my head.
Riley – Meat vision.
Callon – I want my hand to turn into a glow stick in any given situation.
Nathan – The ability to fit into anything. Ever.

14. What's the most embarrassing experience you've ever had?

Well, one time, during our last song of our set, Callon’s guitar started looping. There is a setting on his amp, which allows him to record different loops, but we have yet to figure out how exactly it is triggered. It seems to happen by mashing random buttons together at the most inconvenient of times. So there we are, going out with a bang, and the song ends, and Callon’s amp is still playing the chords… Awktopus.

15. What's the biggest fear you've had to overcome?

Wrestling an army of 10,000 bears that were riding in tanks equipped with flamethrowers.

16. Does anyone in the band have any special talents other than music?

Riley is a mathemagician with the ability to raise 6 loving cats, Callon is capable of surviving in a box, Cacia can make some mean scrambled eggs, and Nathan can put his fist AND a harmonica in his mouth. We’re an odd bunch.

17. What's the biggest goal you've achieved as a band?

Killing all those bears. It still haunts us at night.

18. What is your favourite song that you've ever written?

“Since I Saw You Last”. We were working for a couple solid months on this new song and we really branched out and tested our abilities. We pushed ourselves and ended up writing a song that was quite different, but still sounded like us at the same time. We are very proud of it and hope that everyone gets to hear it soon. We hope you all like it.

19. How do you want your music to effect people?

We want our songs to make people smile and do a little jig. We want people to see the hope in our music and realize that, “Hey, life’s not that bad.” We’re a positive, cheery group of kids.

20. When you perform, what do you think about?

Whenever we play the 515 Concert Club in Cambridge, Nathan ponders about his beloved KFC, Riley is thinking of the Tops Shawarma, Callon’s mind is on the local record store and the ice cream shop next to it (All of which are down the street), and Cacia is trying not to mess up while her friends are making funny faces at her. At any other place, we’re just trying to sound our best and enjoying every minute of our set. - Twinkle Twinkle Media

"All I Need Soundtrack Interview"

Here comes Credit Valley another great band on our All I Need Soundtrack! Check them out on Facebook or Youtube!.. - Rebecca Carrigan

"Battle of the Zyfest"

Eight local youth bands will compete for the title of Zyfest Champion 2010 on Dec. 11.

The band battle takes place in the gymnasium from 5 to 11 p.m. at Chaplin Family YMCA on Hespeler Road.

These bands have had to earn their place in this show by battling at two previous mini-shows in the Z beside the Y youth centre in October and November. After each of these shows, fans voted online for their favourites.

The top favourite bands are the ones competing at Zyfest.
Eight bands scheduled to compete are Credit Valley, Courage My Love, Pull Start Rockets, Unlimited, Fallen Affliction, Elegy, Breaching Vista, A Cut Above Average.

In addition, last year’s champion, Intake of Glass, will perform as a special guest.

A panel of judges, as well as fan votes will decide the winners. There are more than $500 in door prizes. All proceeds to the Z youth programs. Visit - Cambridge Times

"Local Talent at Rock the Mill"

The band that will open the festival is from Cambridge. Credit Valley is made up of young teenagers from the city.
“They’re really, really young,” Melo said. “It’s exciting to see a really young band make it to a festival like this.”
Credit Valley is a pop rock band with a female lead. Their music can be found on MySpace at
Credit Valley starts the festival Saturday at 1 p.m. Admission is free and the festival opens at noon. - Cambridge Times

"4th Annual Preston Music Festival"

On the street corners of King and Westminster rocked a little band called Credit Valley. You just couldn't help getting drawn into their enthusiasm, optimism and humour. They had major competition from Harley-Davidsons, buses and performance car motor heads but their songs of persistence blasted through. It was Poetry In Motion.
- Cambridge Now!

"Artist of the Month"

Why We Like Them
In recent memory, I can't remember a band that is THIS good, THIS young. I think the average age of the band members is about 15 years. I first saw/heard this band at the Forbes Park Music Festival. I had a booth set-up and after listening to about 4 "average" festival acts, Credit Valley stormed the stage. They were musically tight, had great stage presence and absolutely rocked! I texted a buddy of mine and my quote was, "these kids are 15, but look like they've been in a band for 15 years!".

After talking to a few people close to the band, I came to discover that they were a set of siblings and two friends, and they had been an "official band" for 9 months. In that short span they had already complied 30 shows to their credit? 30 shows? That's a ridiculous pace for any band, but I could now understand why they already looked and sounded so "seasoned".

Their music is definately pop punk. They have listed the Ramones on their site as an influence...that is a very prevelant influence. Their sound is also slightly reminiscent of Joan Jett and/or the Runaways. I also hear a really nice NOFX sound in their song writing!

The group is high energy, fun to listen to, and fun to watch. They seem to have a really great support network around them and with their hard-work and talent, I expect/hope to see really big things for them!

- Cody Nyman of Decode Music


West of Here - 3 song EP
Recorded at Beach Road Studios in Goderich, ON
Released December 2012.
Now available on iTunes!

Hello, my name is... - 3 song EP
Recorded at Beach Road Studios in Goderich, ON
Released April 2011

Hey, What's Up - 5 song EP
Recorded Go30 Records in Cambridge, ON
Released July 2010



Credit Valley is a landlocked surf pop/indie rock group from Cambridge, Ontario. Built from the remains of a full band, Cacia and Callon continue on as a sister and brother duo, inspiring in their performances and seasoned beyond their years.
With originals that run the gamut from pop punk to ska to folksy alt rock to surf, and with refreshing acoustic arrangements of both known and lesser known songs, it is very easy to let yourself get lost in Credit Valley's harmonies and want to sing along!

Follow the link below to watch the Official Video for Credit Valley's song, Capri Sun!

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