Creekroad Crossing

Creekroad Crossing


Pure and simple rock with big hooks and infectious guitar riffs. Pulling influences from classic rock and early 90's eras. We like to describe ourselves as an extremely hard working band, with our debut album already in circulation and are currently working on our sophmore release.


Creek Road Crossing is a rock band - pure and simple. With a sound that is straight from the heart, this band is determined and focused on one goal, to become successful musicians without compromising the integrity of their classic-rock roots. With a relentless work ethic and rock solid connection based on friendship, loyalty and commitment, the band has managed to make quite an impression on the Niagara Region since their inception in 2000. The band acknowledges too many acts to mention as musical inspirations, but all members have a strong appreciation for well written lyrics, raw instruments, and strong vocal harmonies. CRC, who credit their name to a near-fatal car accident while crossing 4 Mile Creek Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake ON, is made up of five members who are equally involved in the production of their music. The members, Lee Campbell (vocals), Jeff Daskewich (guitar, vocals), Christian Duguay (guitar), Marty Chorosinski (bass, vocals), and Warren Jenkinson (drums), have been friends since high school. With a vagabond look consisting of long hair and scruffy beards, CRC is all about having fun on stage, and their performances reflect the flavor of rock and roll in its purest form. As self-proclaimed high school geeks, they have transformed themselves into a tight knit band of geeks with an ever expanding fan base and an energetic live show. Recognized as one of Niagara’s best live bands, they pride themselves on their original material that is crafted by all members. They are currently seeking a distribution deal for their self-produced debut album Thick as Thieves, which debuted in April 2004. The album has a raw sound that is organic, expressive, emotional and aggressive. The first 1000 copies were sold-out in 2 months, and garnered critical acclaim from both fans and regional entertainment publications. CRC continue to perform at venues all over the Niagara Region. Having recently opened for The Trews, Thornley, and High Holy Days, they are now breaking into the Toronto market. With all their eggs in the rock and roll basket, they are happy pursue their dreams and carve out a name for themselves in the music industry.


Out Of Your Head

Written By: Creekroad Crossing

Out of Your Head

You say there's something not right
Deep inside your mind
Been caught doing crazy shit like bathe in terpentine
You say you love that poison
Just heed my advice
Drop the bottle right now man
Saw them digging out your grave last night

You're out of your head
Don't know which way is up or down
You're out of your mind
Whatcha gone and done this time

Say you can not give it up
It means too much to you
How can that be true my friend you've only been clean a month of two
Just keep the leash on real tight
And rely on your friends
I think it's 'bout that time anyway
Bring your game of excess to an end


Keep on saying something's not right
Deep inside that mind of yours
Been caught doing crazy shit like talking to the other side
Say you love that poison
Just heed my advice
Drop the bottle right now man
Saw 'em digging out your grave last night


You're insane
And I'll see you on the other side

Nothing To Lose

Written By: Creekroad Crossing

Nothing to Lose

Bite your tongue now and roll the dice
Bring your imagination
Let's leave it all behind
No hesitating, the time is right
To celebrate our youth now
Let's leave it all behind
Let's leave tonight and run away and now I
Hear you say it's

Too hard for you to sleep there's trouble on your mind
But your confidence is where you're gonna find
All the doors are open
Everyone is hoping you break on through
There's nothing to lose
Nothing to lose

The winds are changing
It's time to set sail
Come what may we're prepared for the chance that
We may fail
We may be doubted
No forsight
I care not for what they say
Let's leave it all behing
Let's leave tonight and run away and now I

Mrs. Parker

Written By: Creekroad Crossing

Mrs. Parker

Gonna let you in on a moment in my life
I wish I could forget but it stings just like a knife
Twisting in my side forever letting me know
There is no way in hell
She is ever gonna let me go
Mrs. Parker, you were so very nice
Invited me inside despite your man's strong advice
To turn me away at the door
But ya winked at me and I knew what was in store
Or did I?

Today I met Mrs. Parker
I lost a little piece of myself
It seems the world's stopped turning
And I've lost all control

She led me up into her room
Layed me down upon her bed
Her sweet-smelling perfume confusing up my head
With her hand across my eyes
Reaching towards my hand
"Please take this gun and go downstairs and shoot my man"


Turn away...just run
Turn away...yeah run
Turn away...just run
Turn away...drop the gun and run boy run



Debut Album - Thick As Thieves 2004
3 Cuts on Independent release (Scene 2003/2004)

Set List

Original Set List

Out Of Your Head
Remember This
Truly I...
River Red
On Your Own
Pushed Aside
Get It On
Jack Of All Trades
Nothing To Lose
Fifty Long Nights
The Cure
The Water

Our cover song selection is mainly Top 40 classic rock.

Eg. Another Brick In The Wall
Born To Be Wild
Rockin' In The Free World
Baba O'Riley
Mustang Sally