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"The Rise of Creepersin"

They were all monster kids. I just know they were monster kids. They know where Vasaria is. Hell, they've probably been to the Festival of the New Wine with Larry Talbot.

Creepersin's debut album, The Rise Of Creepersin, is all-out horror punk and there's an awful lot of horror in the mix. It's infected with the spirit of James Whale throughout: A monstrosity of a thing that lumbers out of your speakers, grunts and howls at you while it tears apart your living room and somehow wins your heart because, like all great monsters, it has a ton of soul.

On a technical level, Creepersin has a tight sound, a propensity for writing incredibly catchy hooks and they do a magnificent job of melding Gothic, punk and myriad other influences into one rampaging creature of a disc.

When horror punk is done right, it gives one the same feeling as watching classic horror movies in the middle of the night. It's the aural equivalent of those films that take just enough terror, just enough melodrama and the perfect amount of camp and--whether thorough the most esoteric of sciences or the blackest of arts--mix it into something truly worth experiencing. Doing it right isn't a random event, it takes real skill and love of the form. Creepersin do it right. This disc has been in my player daily since I got it and I have a feeling that thier next one is going to be, too.

- Marquis Dufek

""Rise..." review"

If you're getting into horror rock music, the band that has terrorized the world-Creepersin is a band that you absolutely have to know about. Good horror rock bands are few and far between but Creepersin has it. And by "it" I mean the talent, the dedication and most importantly, the love for all things horror. All the elements to create catchy, clever tunes are here.
The Rise of Creepersin begins with one of my favorite tracks off the album "Meet Me Out in the Sticks". It was a wise choice to place this as the first track because it grabs you and keeps you seated for the entirety of the album. "Bleed for Me" is just an all around fun and campy song that intimidates those who stand in their way. The third (and quite possibly best) song on the album is "Last House on the Left of Mockingbird Lane." It is an all around great song that brings the bands talents to your attention. Basically, this song alone is worth the purchase of the album. I just can't say enough good things about it. The 4th track "Evil Eye" encloses the sound of the album. When I listen to this song I can just imagine myself in a 1957 Chevy Bel Air with the top down and cold wind blowing on my face and through my hair while driving to the prom.

"Proceed with Plan 9" is another great song with a little bit of a Rosedales' sound to it. "Coffin Drop" is full of crooning goodness to get your head bobbing along and jamming with the music. I'm sure when these guys put on a show it's a hell of a show. "Get Off My Knife" sounds like one of those songs where everybody can sing a long and pump their fists in the air every time they hear "hey!". "The Hills Have Eyes" reminds a bit of an Irish drinking song with the choruses. It kind of reminds me of a Dropkick Murphys song in that aspect.

Overall, it's a pretty damn good album with a lot of good songs. The only complaint I have with this album is that it's too short!

- Black Angel Promotions

""Horror of it all" comp review"

Creepersin-"Bleed for Me": What a great band and tune. Just envision you're up at lover's lane getting ready to do the dirty deed and someone smashes out the back window and drags you kicking and screaming out of the car and takes you into the woods to kill you. Well, I think it would make for a great video anyway.

- Black Angel Promotions

"Creepersin @ the Mint"

CREEPERSIN AT THE MINT - BY N.L. BELARDES February 6, 2005 2:00 pm - It was a dark and stormy night when the monster mash Costa Mesa band Creepersin arrived last night at Bakersfield's The Mint Bar. Ok, it wasn't stormy at all. It was chilly--but not a cloud in the sky. "Happy Halloween!" their lead singer belted to the crowd before diving into a dark pounding set of Creepersin's rage-filled B-monster movie-esque rock. Although their amp was a bit on the Frankenstein side itself, letting out a few moans of its own, the crowd overlooked any technical difficulties and enjoyed the creepy glow of these energetic monstrosities in music. Following up the Filthies is a tough act, and Creepersin's dark undertones of creepy crawly goth were perfect for the historic Mint bar, a jewel of darkness in Bakersfield nightlife from years past. Vocals a bit hard to understand, for Creepersin and its fans that doesn't matter. They're in for a show, a dark moment, some great make-up, some good drinks, and met as friendly a crowd that you could ever meet in Bakersfield. With writers, radio personalities, and a host of others in the crowd, Creepersin certainly got its share of Bakersfield PR last night.
- N.L. Belardes


"The Rise of Creepersin" full length - 2005
"The Horror of It All, Vol. 1" comp. 2005 (Bleed for Me)
"The Following Preview is Rated R" EP-2004

You can hear us streaming on, and Creepersin is also being played in almost every state on commercial radio stations and college radio. other countries like mexico, japan, and most of europe is also ranting and raving about Creepersin!


Feeling a bit camera shy


From the bowels of Creepsville, Creepsachusetts, comes the rise of Creepersin, a ghastly crew of murders and marauders, hell bent on rock n roll and mayhem. Their ghoulish goal is total and complete world conquest and domination. Even now you are feeling the rise and soon will not be able to contain the Creeper in you. Soon, you too will become our mindless slave of rock. Now my young one, go forth and spread the word like a plague! Go out and BE A CREEPER!