Creepin' Charley And The Boneyard Orchestra

Creepin' Charley And The Boneyard Orchestra


We're a 4 piece rock outfit out of Indy. We play rock-n-roll with varying degrees of influences ranging from Tom Waits, The Rolling Stones and The Stooges. We like to think that we can reach any audience whether it be punks or 50 year old housewives.....


Shelby Kelley (vocals) started writing songs a couple of years ago with little or no objective other than to document the observations he had made and maybe blow off a little steam in the process, releasing the 7" record, "Rattlin' Bones Vol. 1" as the result.
It was around this time that bassist Chad Pollock approached Kelley about putting together a band that would serve as a vehicle for the songs. With the addition of Andy Fark on drums (and eventually Eric Grimmitt on guitar), the Boneyard Orchestra became a working model that would soon hit the streets. The interim has been spent writing, shaping, arranging, mending, and bending; trying to get to the heart of the song, both in front in of audience and while the red light is on.
We've got bleeding heads, broken hearts, aliens, barflies, peepshows, Downtown Debbies, cash cows, devils, hookers, pistols, pimps and hookers. It ain't easy out here on the back roads, but that's where the animals come alive. That's where you find the monuments that work their magic. It's in the beat of the traps, the rope of the bass, the coils of the guitar, and the words that roll right off the tongue. Creepin' Charley comes from that place.

"Listening to the (new E.P.) it is quite clear that the band is heading miles beyond where they've been. 'Im Becoming American,' 'Go-Go Baby' and 'Dirty Money' are gritty, grooving garagey rave-ups that are without a doubt some of the best and most rocking songs to come out of Indy this summer."
- Jeff Napier, Nuvo Newsweekly, June 22, 2006

"Since the band made their debut at the 2004 Midwest Music Summit, Creepin' Charley has evolved into one of the tightest, most entertaining, and best rock & roll bands in the city."
- Steve Hayes,, Jan. 2006

"Musically, Creepin' Charley is all about Kelley's sandpaper-rough vocals and the punchy, hard-nosed rhythm section of Pollock and the group a garage-punk sound that puts it miles beyond the early Tom Waits' musical experiments."
- Steve Hammer, Nuvo Newsweekly, Jan. 2005

"This is raw, 'gut-bucket' rock."
- Sharon Ramsey, Shae's Place Zine


Off The Side Of The Road (EP)
2006 (CD)

Bright Lights, Wicked City
2006 (CD)

My Miserable Suite E.P.
2005 (CD)

Rattlin' Bones & Other Junk
2004 (CD featuring "Rattlin' Bones Vol. 1" + 5 bonus tracks)

Rattlin' Bones Vol. 1
2002 (7" vinyl E.P.)

Set List

Bury My Bones
New Years Let Down of 2000
If I'm lyin' I'm Dyin'
High Price in Hell
Room 303
25 cent Peepshow
Johnny's Got A Pistol
Mexican Moon
Valentino's Blues
Up Jumped The Devil
Sunday Morning
Far Hill Road
Go Go Baby (gazpacho)
I'm Becoming American
Dirty Money
Devil And A Loaded Gun
The One
Make It Out Alive (Breaking Me Down)
Damn Near Died

Our sets can be tailored to range from 15 to an hour or more. We typically play 30 minute sets to keep everyone interested.
Covers are played, but not often. We've covered Alice Cooper, The Beatles, Devo, Billy Idol and several more. We usually don't play them live, but we get the itch once in a while.