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The best kept secret in music


"Party Crasher"

...but nobody minds, especially when country band Creeping Time takes the stage. Creeping Time at first seem to be jokey honky-tonk, but their Bob Wills–style improvisations prove they love the genre too much to laugh it off. Everyone's dancing, and down in the hot tub a man is smacking his girlfriend's bethonged ass like a bongo in time to the two-step...lordy, it's gonna be one of those nights. - The Stranger

"Seattle band comes down for fiddlin' and fun this weekend in Corvallis"

...Consider heading down to AJ's Pub after the game for some of the most energetic, fun and entertaining live music this side of drunken karaoke. Creeping Time, a four-piece, 'grass-rock' band from Seattle, is making their return to downtown Corvallis. If you weren't fortunate enough to catch them on their last migration South, don't make any plans for Saturday night.

Creeping Time is a band that defies categorization. With a sound falling somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle of Southern bluegrass, Mid-West country and So-Cal punk, the band's diverse musical style appeals to almost everyone who hears it.

"People say 'you don't sound like most other bands,' and the fact that we are a unique and individual band really draws people in," said Creeping Time bassit/vocalist Ken Nottingham.

Much of that separation and originality comes from their particular tools of the trade. Nottingham plays the upright bass, while Dave Forrester provides the other half of the rhythm section with drums and hand percussion. Rounding out Creeping Time is Adam Boesel's guitar and harmonica, and Kjell Anderson's absolute mastery of the fiddle. Nottingham, Forrester and Boesel all contribute to the band's vocals.

Despite the presence of fiddles and harmonicas, Creeping Time is a far cry from a country group.

"We don't consider ourselves country, but being a unique band is good," Ken said.

A main factor in separating Creeping Time from the stigma of country music is the vivacity of their live shows. The band makes it a personal mission to put on the most enthusiastic and dynamic live performances possible.

"We just get up there and play. We like to jam on some songs. We jump around a lot," said Kjell. "At our last show I even did the moonwalk."

At times their energy can even be too much.

"We were performing at Glendale, UT last summer. We were on this stage that looked like a shack, and on our last song we started to jump around a lot. I think on like the fifth jump the floor of the stage broke. Nobody got hurt, but it was a definite climax to the show," said Ken.

Creeping Time's lyrics add another dimension to their already thick musical resume. With three different vocalists, each member brings songs to the table that fit their particular style. The result is an incredible range of song structures and lyrical content, creating a musical experience that never gets stale. "We just write about things that come up in life," said Nottingham.

Much of the band's down-to-earth lyrics stem from each member's vastly different life experiences. Creeping Time hails from all across the country. The band began in 1997, when Ken, Adam and Dave met at a Seattle open-mike. After a stint performing as a trio, the final piece of Creeping Time fell into place when Ken was substitute-hosting at the same open-mike that spawned the band in the beginning.

"They needed someone to host the open-mike, so I did it. Kjell was performing and just blew everyone away, so we invited him to jam with us. We've been together ever since," said Nottingham.

In their years together Creeping Time has been a mainstay of the West Coast club and bar scene.

"We've played a lot of different venues, bars, rock bars, folk festivals. Because of that we have a wide range of people that have heard our music, and by and large, most everyone thinks its great," said Adam. "Last summer we traveled 6,000 miles in two weeks. It definitely helped us to get to know each other better."

On Saturday, their travels will bring them to AJ's for the third time. The show, which has no cover charge, starts at 9 p.m. and continues into the wee hours of the night. "We stay until everybody is worn out," Ken said. "We are excited about playing on a football night. Hopefully the Beavers will win and everybody will have a good time."

Creeping Time is a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n roll, and a whole lot of fun. If you want a truly unique experience, get to AJ's after the game and take in all the fiddlin', jammin' and jumpin' that makes Creeping Time one of the most entertaining acts in the Northwest. What better way to spend a Saturday night? - The Daily Barometer

"Creeping Time"

Creeping Time is a Seattle band featuring stand-up bass, drums, guitar and fiddle full of the screaming meamies. They write songs about the blue collar blues, hiking the Elwah river, time machines, and chicks from San Francisco. This band sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. Little bit country, little bit rock-n-roll, little bit devil's-spit-flyin' crazy hoedown... - Vigilance

"Creeping Time - Live 2002"

Creeping Time are an almost punk acoustic band.
It's not that they sound punk rock, but they have an amazing level of energy and speed that you might not expect from a fiddle, guitar, harmonica, drums, and vocals. Part bluegrass, a little rock and a smidgen alt country, their recently released Live 2002 CD is packed full of fast movin', booty shakin' fun. Its a great recording for a live release, too. - The Tablet


Cheap American Lager (2006)
Live at Conor Byrne (2003)
How to Fly
Down That Muddy Road


Feeling a bit camera shy


Creeping Time is a quartet comprised of upright bass, drums, fiddle, and mandolin/guitar. The band was originally planted in the spring of 1997 by Adam Boesel, Ken Nottingham, and Dave Glosson Forrester - Adam has since retired from performing. With the addition of Kjell Anderson in 2001 and Michael Spaly in 2003, Creeping Time has slowly grown and organic blend of acoustic, folk, roots, rock, bluegrass, and alternative country into a unique, high energy concoction all their own.

Nottingham's songs are filled with prolific prose, resilient rhymes, and genuine stories of personal experience. Underneath it all, the solid rhythm section is led by the powerful and shockingly subtle percussive work of Forrester. Anderson and Spaly's classically (suzuki) trained and completely converted musical improvisations and melodic driven riffs deliver a rare level of truly stellar musicianship.