Creeping Time

Creeping Time

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Creeping Time are an almost punk acoustic band.It's not that they sound punk rock, but they have an amazing level of energy and speed that you might not expect from a fiddle, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Part bluegrass, a little rock and a smidgen alt country, fast movin', booty shakin' fun.


Creeping Time, planted in 1997 when Ken Nottingham (lead singer, lyricist, and upright bass) met former guitarist and songwriter, Adam Boesel at an open mic on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. They had an instant connection through their passion for songwriting and enjoyed playing each others’ songs. Adam brought Dave Forrester (drums, background vocals) on board and Creeping Time was born.
Creeping Time recorded their first LP “Down That Muddy Road” in 1999 at the Chicken Eye Studio with Ken’s long time friend Ivan Lee at the controls. It was a simple album that captured the pure songwriting and simple chord structures that is the soul and roots of this original band.

Their second album, “How to Fly” released in 2001 and featured a number of different guest musicians that had been sitting in with the band at the time. With electric guitar, piano, Hammond B3 and accordion - the result was a more produced sounding album and still remained true to their good time, foot stomping feel.

Soon after the release of “How to Fly” Ken met Kjell Anderson (fiddle) at an open mic where Ken was host. Kjell sat in with the band for a couple songs at their next show and it was clear to all that his fiddle was what they were in search of in a soloist and Kjell fit right in with the guys.

2003 was a good year for Creeping Time which included the release of “Live” a full tilt, high energy, hoe down frenzy featuring Kjell’s blazing fiddle style, as well as their first west coast tour; through Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The highlight of the year was the addition of Michael Splay (guitar, mandolin, vocals) - at 6 feet 6 inches, he is the tallest child prodigy you will ever meet and Dave’s best-ever find on Craig’s List. In late 2004, Adam left Creeping Time to start his solo career.

The current line-up, whose music spans the gap between your grandfather’s bluegrass and modern rocket science, continues to entertain audiences of all ages throughout the Pacific Northwest. It’s like Bill Monroe, Doc Watson and Vassar Clements jamming with Phish, Steve Earle and the Ramones. The poetry of the lyrics is matched only by the passion and fire with which they play.


2006 – Cheap American Lager
2003 – Live at Conor Byrne
2001 – How to Fly
1999 – Down that Muddy Road

New album scheduled for release in Fall of 2011.

Set List

Changes from gig to gig.