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The best kept secret in music


"Creeping Weeds"

Behind a name that hints at slow and dirty lurks a lustrous, intense indie-pop band. This mostly Fisthown quartet's self-titled EP weaves acoustic with fuzzed-out electric, tambourines with J. Mascis-with-a-cough-drop vocals, and then layers in some more vocals going in another direction. Their lyrics are strange and pretty parables, a perfect fit for a sound so hot and complicated. An Impressive debut.
--Patrick Rapa - The Philadelphia City Paper

"Creeping Weeds"

Creeping Weeds' "Long Way Down" starts off with a melancholy murmur that recalls Josh Rouse or Joe Pernice. Soon the Fishtown quartet is topping its nonchalant strum with crashing fuzz, and by the song's end, singer Pete Stewart could be one of the Grifters. That combination of loose folk and last-decade indie rock is all over the band's four-song EP, culminating in the down-home handclaps and harmonies of "Land Called Nowhere." The live show is along the same lines, though that cover of Superchunk's "Like a Fool" may tip the scales. Despite so many familiar earmarks, Creeping Weeds arrive at something fresh and new in the end.
--Doug Wallen - Philadelphia Weekly

"Review: creeping weeds"

Melodic songwriting and a traditional indie rock/pop sound characterize Creeping Weeds' style, which is made interesting by way of some varied song structures. "Long Way Down" is an infectious combination of recent Superchunk and My Morning Jacket, with nice falsetto vocals and a warm guitar feel. "2nd Time Around" is a bit calmer, with a friendly, cheery mood, and the sweet "Land Called Nowhere" is a folky pop tune somewhere in between Elf Power and Little Wings. Finally "Down and Out" harkens back to mid-90s indie rock like Pavement and Archers of Loaf. Overall, this EP boasts some solid, melodic indie rock that bodes well for the band's upcoming debut album. Here's to a great future for Creeping Weeds.
--Matt Shimmer -

"Creeping Weeds: Self-Titled EP"

Creeping Weeds’ self-titled four-song EP is as difficult to describe as it is impossible to ignore. Pete Stewart writes folk-rock songs that are just a tad psychedelic. The opener here, “Long Way Down,” begins by sounding as though it’s about to follow a predictably straight and narrow path from beginning to end; then – just like with those weeds in the garden – it starts growing wild all over the place.

Stewart’s reserved vocals, when matched to these loose arrangements, bring to mind early Pavement recordings. At only a brief four songs in length, this quickie release plays for fifteen minutes, and then it’s all over before you know it. It’s the kind of stunning brief encounter, however, that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

This artist begs the question: with great weeds like these, who even needs legitimate plants?

--Dan MacIntosh
- Left Off The Dial

"creeping weeds EP"

I give this CD my highest recommendation. The riffs in Land Called Nowhere are truly brilliant. That's right, I just used the coveted "BRILLIANT" word for an unsigned Philly band. I stand by it. If you're into indie at all, go find this band.
--Bill Sebald - Philadelphia Music Resource Kitchen

"Growing Weeds"

One of the hottest up and coming bands on the Philadelphia music scene. Their performances are flawless.
--Ryan Smith
Star Staff Writer - Fishtown Star


We Are All Part of a Dream You're Having
Release Date: January 2007
Hot Horse!

Track Listing:
Part of a Dream
Billy Pilgrim
Eternity is a Long Time
I Wanted to Live (Die)
Our Country Home
The Desert
Wired Shut

creeping weeds EP
Release Date: April 2005

Track Listing:
Long Way Down
2nd Time Around
Land Called Nowhere
Down and Out

"I Wanted to Live (Die)" has been played on 88.3 WXPN and was featured as the Philly Local Pick of the Day on 4/13/06. It has also been played on the Philadelphia City Paper podcast Local Support.

"Keystone" has been played on UPenn's radio station WQHS and is also available for streaming on the jukebox (under ambient).

"Long Way Down" has been played on WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton Radio as well as UPenn's WQHS.


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