creeping weeds

creeping weeds


I am in five, they come from Philadelphia and they strum an indian classic rock on the skis traced in past...the Creeping Weeds churned out a small indian gem from the bittersweet flavor, capable to throw baits that end with the to capture the caution of the fascinated of more musical son-in-laws.


The band is currently recording the follow-up to their 2007 debut long-player, We Are All Part of a Dream You’re Having. That record generated critical praise on both sides of the Atlantic from the scribes at and, among others. For a complete press list, visit

We Are All Part of a Dream You’re Having was recorded by the band in the basement of a school in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood. Here’s what was said about it then:

“Creeping Weeds get the mix of wistful dislocation, gentle melancholy, and jangling, enveloping melodies just right on their debut album….Definitely a band to watch.” (Score: 7)
-Pop Matters

Philadelphia’s Creeping Weeds is just getting started, but it’s a hell of a debut…”
-Pittsburgh City Paper

“Easily some of the best music to come out of Pennsylvania in the past year…”
-Centre Daily Times

“This full-length is rife with taut pop gems…”
-Philadelphia Weekly

creeping weeds pull off their swirling sonic dreamscape live with focused energy and an assortment of instruments including a glockenspiel, didgeridoo, auxiliary drums, drum machine, plus the two guitar, bass, keyboards and drums foundation. They have shared the stage with national acts such as Dirty Projectors and Jeremy Enigk.


"We Are All Part of a Dream You're Having" - full length - Hot Horse! (2007)

"creeping weeds" - EP - self released (2005)

Set List

30-45 minutes depending on venue and time slot. Usually all originals.