CREePY is high-enegy driving pop-punk with a hardcore twist. We are here to creep into your brain and take over your affections. Actually, we’re ready to just bust on in and unleash our aggro energy and catchy melodies inside your cranium.


Joy and Pain

The spectrum of emotion on tap in CREePY’s music is a sign of the smarts backing the songwriting. Joy and pain – and the range of emotions linking the two – are part of human experience and therefore part of music. That’s what CREePY believes and that’s why a lot of different emotional responses fire synapses in the listener’s brain as a batch of CREePY songs are played. The group is all about making contact with listeners and sharing the electricity of the musical experience with the audience, be it via CD or live show. CREePY is on the movie.


Enjoy life! That’s the whole point! CREePY’s music is full of this life-loving attitude. The music addresses the good and bad of life but the ultimate message: Live life and love it. “If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t go with it!” This is music with a message of independence; it’s life-affirming and tells the listener to get out there and do things on one’s own terms. There is no other option for life – or music – for CREePY.

Night Life

“We’re nice guys and have fun when we can. We like the night life, for sure …” Go to a CREePY show and you’ll see with a quickness what it means to party the CREePY way. Never do something halfway, admonishes CREePY. Go all the way and put your all into it. That’s why CREePY’s music is so big and bold and addictive, because the band members put their all into the songwriting. And when they’re performing, either in the studio or live, the 100 percent ethic is totally evident. The band practically glows like a reactor in meltdown. This is high energy stuff.


Writing is in the works for the band’s debut E.P. “Gloom.” They’ll be hitting the studio again soon and fans can look for the release late this year or early next year. The group is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

CREePY is featured on, an unsigned band review site. Creepy topped the pop-punk charts for four months this year with their single "Delay"


Creepy has taken an electronic distro approach thus far.

The band plans to release a debut 14 song CD early next year on indie label Teeno Records.

The song "Delay" has spent four months at the top of the charts for the pop-punk genre, it is also featured on several internet radio stations as part of the Live 365 music library.

Currently the song "Powerless" is featured on a skate video being shown on the Comcast On-Demand Havoc Skate TV channel.

Set List

1. Delay (3:21)
2. Bombshell (2:19)
3. You're Dead (2:55)
4. Outta Site Outta Mind (2:34)
5. Superficial Greed (1:51)
6. Rise Of Revenge (3:12)
7. Renegade (1:41)
8. Burn Me (1:40)
9. Blitzwing ( 1:56)
10. Powerless (1:13)
11. Torn to Zero (3:03)
12. The Lost (3:23)
13. Teenage Burnout (1:57)

Total set ~ 30 min