--Performed with Mercy Me, Kutless, Phil Wickham, Day of Fire, Dizmas, Olivia the Band and Building 429. --Over 200 shows in 20 states since 2004. --Heard on the radio in over 65 cities.


Creswell has been performing since 2004. While releasing two independent albums, he began touring, quickly logging over 60,000 miles (with events in 20 states). In 2006 he released the radio single “Ananias” which aired in 65 markets, leading to a short-lived record deal. While in the midst of separating from the record label, he released “Get Away” to radio, which became “Most Added” and “New and Active” on the national R&R charts for Christian Rock. Creswell released a self-titled album in December 2006.

Having weathered the dissolution of a record deal, Creswell found himself in Nashville beginning work on a third album and trying to find his footing both spiritually and personally. “I had been through a lot in the previous year... a lot of stuff that could have brought everything to an end, but I felt that instead of making me jaded, I found that God had brought me through with a stronger faith than I had before.”

Where the material from the Creswell LP had largely been a journal about the struggles and frustrations felt on the road, the new material recognized a hope that had been missing from the previous writings. “In many ways the process of writing the material for THE TORN EP was harder and more of a challenge to my faith than everything that had come before it, but I had this awareness of grace that came from seeing all the ways that God had been there, that an awe of what God was doing began to move to the forefront of what I was writing about.”

With REAL touching on the realization that we can’t measure up to God’s standards on our own, to ALL WE WANT, a song of hushed reverence to the enormity of grace, TORN really encompasses the spiritual journey of CRESWELL over the last year. “With so many conflicting voices pulling in different directions, it’s very easy to get lost in the noise. Looking back on this last year, there was a lot of second-guessing, but in the end, I feel like I have been renewed and challenged in new ways. Through my weaknesses, I have been able to see God work in amazing ways. I are more excited to share this new material than ever before, and I am looking forward to seeing what’s coming.”



Written By: Robertson/Kilby

Secrets all around me. Nothing is for sure.
A million different faces longing for a cure.
Lost in all the questions they beg us to repeat
as we fall down at your feet.

All we want is to know.

Crying out for mercy; trying to explain
How a grace comes from within you that cannot be contained
and the darkness left within us comes into the light
as we look into your eyes.

It's not so bad, not so bad anymore.

Copyright 2007 Creswellian Music Publishing (ASCAP)/Ty Valley Music Publishing (ASCAP).


Written By: Robertson, Kilby


The first time I saw you, you looked the other way.
The first time I saw you, you said it's all okay.
And it made no difference the way I used to be.
And it made no difference, the choice was up to me.

I don't know how to be right; I don't know how to be strong.
I don't know how to be all that you want.
I'm surrounded by lies; I'm surrounded by doubts.
I'm surrounded and there's no way out.
It's more than what I want; more than what I feel
when I let myself be real.

Sometimes I wonder: Will I get myself straight?
Sometimes I wonder if it is not too late?
The consequences are more than I can see.
The consequences; you took them all for me.

I swear it's the last time I'll hurt you.
I swear it's the last time I'll hurt you again.

Copyright 2007 Creswellian Music Publishing (ASCAP)/Ty Valley Music Publishing (ASCAP).


Written By: Kilby

Misery lays alone;
I've been lying to myself and now I just don't know.
Take it as it goes.
But I'm feeling so lost for a place I've called my home.

Where do I begin? Where do I end?
I seem to have torn myself in two.
Leave the past behind; kiss it all goodbye
and try to find a place I can call my own.
Where I can fall asleep and see you in my dreams
and know that you will always be with me.
Lead me down the road; show me where to go.
I've got to find a place I can call my own.

Standing in the rain.
I've been crying out for help but nobody came.
So I walk alone
and the bitterness of loneliness has far surpassed the cold.

Night turns to day.
I can see the world in brand new ways.
Sunshine on my face.
I have learned a thing or two and even I have changed.

Copyright 2007 Ty Valley Music Publishing (ASCAP)


State Your Name (September 2004)--out of print
Creswell (December 2006)
The Torn EP (July 2007)

Set List



WAUF Auburn
WAXU Troy (Family Radio Network)

KPXQ Phoenix (spin 180)

KSSU Sacramento (spin 180)

KRKS Aurora
KRKS Denver

WVOF Bridgeport

WCPL Merritt Island (spin 180)
WTBN Tampa (spin 180)
WTBN St. Petersburg (spin 180)
WTBN Clearwater (spin 180)
WTWD Tampa (spin 180)
WTWD St. Petersburg (spin 180)
WTWD Clearwater (spin 180)

WBKG Macon (Family Radio Network)

WAJS Effingham (Family Radio Network)
WAXR Geneseo (Family Radio Network)
WDML Mount Vernon

WFHB Bloomington
WTUR Upland

KAYP Burlington (Family Radio Network)
KBDC Mason City (Family Radio Network)

KHCA Manhattan
KRBW Ottawa (Family Radio Network)

WGCF Paducah (Family Radio Network)

KSJY Lafayette (Family Radio Network)
WAJS St. Joseph (Family Radio Network)
WSHO New Orleans (spin 180)