we write 3-4 minute songs ranging from melodic singalongs to prog rock rave ups and everything in between. The range of our song writing and tendency to blend songs into one seamless piece of music live are what define us as a band.


We are from Louisville KY and in our 20's. Our influences are: Led Zeppelin, Hall & Oates, Radiohead, Beatles, Grand Funk, The Mars Volta, Wilco, Black Uhuru, Grateful Dead, Movie Soundtracks, Nirvana, Classical music, Harry Nillson, Toto, and Coheed & Cambria.


strokin it

Written By: Ben Fields

Looking out my window
I don’t think I’m far from gone
Reasoning in my mind
Trying to get what I can’t find
Passing of the days gone by
I think I’m losing time
Wondering where to go from now
She’s often out of lines

Dying in the morning
I’d rather be down in the ground
Because if I can’t have you
Then I don’t want to live at all
Passing of the days gone by
I think I’m losing mind
Wondering where to go from now
She said she needs more time


2005:Motel Magazine EP
2007: Sofa city sweetheart LP
2008: LP To Be Announced

Set List

our typical set list consists of songs from our releases linked together with other bits of music we have made, supplimented with tape loops, keyboards, and dj equiptment. It is pre-determined, meaning we dont stop the energy of the show by trying to figure our what song we are playing next. Our prefered set ranges from 45-60 minutes, and every second of it is filled with something. the dynamics range from just a clean guitar and vocals, to all out rock.