Crim Da Disciple

Crim Da Disciple

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A blend of hip hop and gospel that brings the Lord to you in a way so intense it will cause your soul to delight with rapture.


In the beginning, I was affectionately called on a secular trail of ascension, to get higher. Drugs, women and the streets are what I thought was the gold at the end of the rainbow. Music however was in my spirit. I began rapping and writing at the age of 12. Seven years later I was on my way to the top. I started a group called “Southern Sinn” and recorded my first CD. The title cut “The Sinn I’m In” described the lifestyle I was living. However, God began tugging on my spirit. “There’s no pleasure in gospel music.” I used to say. I thought gospel music was something old people used to sang. I soon started my own independent record company. Within three years, I had recorded two albums, “A Livin Hell in Da ATL Chapter I” and “Sgt. Black It’s Over Chapter II,” I was on a course to escalate. But not in the sense I thought.

God started dealing with me. Unbeknownst God placed me on a path of destiny. I had a plan but God had a purpose. My next CD “Dat Double A Chill” was going to send me where all artists want to go…the top! I was ready but there was a void in my life that only Jesus could fill. I was very prosperous but not blessed. I knew the streets were just a slow death. God came to me and told me repeatedly not to compromise. The presence of the Lord was so powerful that I had no choice but to submit. I gave my life to the Lord, severed business relationship with the world, stopped promotions, cancelled concerts, and pulled out CDs and Videos from the music market. Everyone thought I was crazy. I knew I had found peace. Jesus filled that void with all the love of God and His Holy Word. There was no turning back. I finally knew my purpose.

I began my ascension on a path of righteousness. God had been preparing me for a life in the music world; the only difference was now I would be ministering the Gospel of Jesus. Through my escalation in the Word, God’s music was going to change lives and save souls. It was not an immediate transformation; it was a three year process; from sinner to saint so to speak. “God broke me down.” God knew what my purpose was before I was placed in my mother’s womb. My life has been filled with many trials and tribulations. But I knew with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ with me, I could only triumph. I can only rise, soar and get higher in the love of Jesus Christ.”

My latest CD “The Next Level Chapter III” is a blend of hip hop and gospel that brings the Lord to you in a way so intense it will cause your soul to delight with rapture. “God had to deal with me. He had to show me He was in charge. I am only His servant, a vessel to do His will and it is a role I do with a heart overflowing with joy.”

Set List

This Gospel Hip Hop extraordinaire captivates audiences with live shows that showcase a God given talent and musical message. The show is ideal for keeping a diverse audience entertained from 30 minutes to an hour, indoors or outside. Crim Da Disciple is available as a solo act.

Original Songs:
Pray for Me
Together We Stand
Reap What You Sow
We Worship You