C.R.I.M.E. Coalition

C.R.I.M.E. Coalition

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TRUE HIP HOP HERE! Hard workers worthy of a big break! With no industry aid, we make better original songs then A LOT of artists out. We rap our life 4real. The pretty & ugly side. We're consummate writers/performers. Building a movement to take it from the hood to all over & live out our dreams!


A good one, so to speak! First off C.R.I.M.E. Coalition stands for Convertin' Rhymes Into Money Experts! The actual coalition derives from a street team of many, but of that crew comes the 2 artists: PhiNallY aka Ken Da Kid & Arsinn aka Knitty Da Savior. Nothing new to this, the two have been working together professionally (meaning out of mixtape mode and into original material) for a little under or about 2 years. The mesh of PhiNallY's Uptown swagger/delivery and Arsinn's furious Philly flow gel the duo's chemistry to a T. Constantly in the studio the two have worked up a vast mixtape, but more so original music catalog. They're actually in the process of completing their new and 1st officially released album. Also they have been featured artists on radio segments as well as various underground TV shows & dvds. Also rocking out shows in various cities in Northeast U.S., the team are passionate performers determined to blow up & make it out of the hard knocks they come from & that made them and inspire their music. Very hungry, very versatile young artists! Consummate lyricists who not only do hip hop but live hip hop! Can cover practically every category within the genre. From the corner to the club, from the conceptual to the controversial with relative ease!...With the C.R.I.M.E. Co.'s linkage to Classic Verse Ent. (founded in Queens NY), the hottest up n coming Independent label in the game - the possibilities are now endless. To quote Ken Da Kid: "We got tired of messing with phonies and decided to go independent and leave our destiny to ourselves, you dig?!"...THE FUTURE IS HERE!....STAY TUNED & Thanx 4 the support!
(Visit myspace.com/crimecoalition)


- "Demandin' Our Respect" (EP - Out Soon) -
- PhiNallY's solo album...(as of yet untitled/late '07) -
- Arsinn's solo album...(as of yet untitled/late '07) -

Set List

Depending on the particular show, we have both condensed & expanded sets! Our catalog is vast as we are studio rats, so we have an array of songs we can choose from. As well as added audio effects to liven up songs... we're fearless performers who tend to & feed off the crowd's energy as well! This is what we enjoy best - fans' reaction to what we've put are all in to - our work!...No better feeling!