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"a great variety of music"

I love the variety of music on this cd. Has a rock, oldies, and country flavor all wrapped up in one. A great balance of music. Thanks!
- Woody--

"Name That Tune"

As you may have already guessed, the tune playing on the website is "They Believe". Although I wrote the lyrics, the musical arrangement was created with help from my favorite local band "Crime Scene" and with help on vocals by the best vocal coach ever - Krista Broomhead! Recording this song in the studio was an absolute dream turned reality and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fine group of musicians!

For more information on the band "Crime Scene" check them out at :

Guys if you are out there - thanks for being my rock, my inspiration and my musical life line!

Keep it real!
Laura D.
Posted by Laura
- Laura Diprete--

"Crime Scene--1St Offense"

Great cd--some top notch songs to listen to. Kind of reminds me of Fleetwood Mac a bit. Very good variety of songs. Enough diverse kinds of music for nearly anyone to like. - SaritaLee--Apple iTunes


#1 meaning i was the first to review this idea bout them but give em a try. - jeremyjacks2011--Apples iTunes







Wayde is a native of Auburn, WA. and has lived in the King County area all his life. He sang his first song, “You Are My Sunshine,” before he was able to talk. By the time he was eight years of age; he picked up the bass guitar and quickly learned the basics of the instrument. Between the ages of eight and fourteen, he wrote and recorded several SONGS and played them for his friends and family. The recordings basically consisted of SOUNDS from various instruments and THINGS lying around, like the wind blowing, cars honking, toys falling down stairs, people talking, and the like.
He was very interested in music and sounds and the parts they played in life. For instance, he was always fascinated why certain songs made people happy, while others made them sad or angry. He discovered that music and songs were a kind of separate entity existing in this universe. He strongly believes that music is not only heard by technical performance, but also felt by the soul.

By the time Wayde turned fifteen, he learned, with the help of his father, how to play guitar. He also wrote his first song called, “I’m So Lonely.” Ever since then, he’s been constantly writing songs and poetry. Over the years, he’s played in a few bands, including, “Psychedelic Pillows,” “Departure,” “The Santairs,” and “Prospector,” and has played in countless taverns, parties, churches, and schools.

Over the last several years, he’s recorded nearly seventy of the five hundred songs he’s written at various studios, mostly at Audio Recording, Inc. in Seattle. He also had two books of poetry published entitled, “A Pure Exhibit Of Ancient Art Part One: The Poems,” and “Ageless Purity.” He has several projects in the making; continuously working on writing songs, several short stories and a short novel. IMAGERY RECORDS is the record label that Wayde created and owns the rights to the name.

Wayde is one of the founding members of the group CRIME SCENE and hopes to be playing with this band as long as they can stick together. The diverse talent of the group impresses him. He says, “This band has five members with five different musical backgrounds. Every musician brings so much to the table and likes different styles of music. They have an endless supply of talent it seems. Mark can sing country better than most of the original artists. Jay can smoke on that lead guitar and can put most guitarists to shame, with a lead and backing vocal to match. Nick is a great backing vocalist and singer in his own right, very solid on bass, while Paul seems able to fit into any groove without much effort."

As a musician, Wayde has performed at such venues as The Moose Lodge, Tony’s Happy Daze, Cascade Lounge, Eagles, Auburn’s Performing Arts Center, Doubletree Inn, and much more.

Wayde is the rhythm guitarist and one of five lead singers of CRIME SCENE. When the situation arises, he can jump to lead guitar, bass, or drums. His interests/hobbies include golfing, chess, martial arts, "anything artistic" like music, writing, and the opposite sex. (As he states, “When it comes to a woman, you have an endless supply of inspiration.") Some of his favorite artists are: The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Heart, Olivia Newton-John, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many artists from the beginnings of rock and roll in the fifties and sixties.


Nick is the other founding member of the band. He’s their bass player, lead and backing vocalist, and when the need arises, plays the synthesizer. He firmly maintains that he and Wayde are "twin sons born to different mothers." Nick and Wayde met briefly back in 1987, but didn’t cross paths again until 1989, when they became the closest of friends. (Not "closet friends" as Nick once stated.) [They both claim that they still don’t know each other and haven’t yet met one another, but history records a different story.]
Nick first began playing the bass for a church folk group, but soon events took a nasty turn for the worse. He started playing rock and roll. In the first band he played with, he frightened the neighbors (and several small animals) with a cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman," and other hard core rock tunes. (In fact, practice was once interrupted for about half an hour while the drummer explained to his mom that "Enter Sandman" was not a satanic anthem!)

When Nick met Wayde, the sounds mellowed a bit. Nick’s voice blended with Wayde’s so well, he liked what he heard and decided to stick around. "I knew there was something there," he once told Wayde. Together, they started singing songs by such artists as The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, The Hollies, The Righteous Brothers, and The Beach Boys. Dr. Wilcox (yes, a REAL doctor) has written a few tunes that CRIME SCENE plays in their repertoire.

Nick has used his bass playing