Crimes in Modern Architecture

Crimes in Modern Architecture


Not quite jazz, not quite rock, C.I.M.A. is a modern instrumental trio with a penchant for loose compositions, improvisation, and sprawling melodies. Moody, dynamic, and ultimately genre-defying.


Crimes in Modern Architecture was born in Cheyenne, WY in 2004 when guitarist Chad Siebken joined bassist Quintin Musgrove and drummer Adam Reed, who met and began playing together in 2002, in their existing group The Arms Race. They played a handful of shows together and separated shortly thereafter. After spending roughly a year apart they got together in the summer of '06 to record some old material and discuss the band's potential future. The chemistry was immediately there, and the group decided to move to Seattle together. Since relocating to Seattle in September '06, they have been working on material for their first album while adjusting to life in a new city, and are currently recording songs for their demo.

Set List

Enough material at this point for a 45 min. set.