Crimson Dust

Crimson Dust


Crimson Dust is about playing good, simple rock and roll. It is guitar driven rock that makes you think of days gone by while taking you forward.


The music of Crimson Dust can most effectively be described as modern rock with a classic rock feel. Raw vocals, overdriven guitars, loud drums, and a thumping bass line all meld together to produce a sound that is strikingly familar yet new and inventive. With wide ranging influences such as Gun's 'N' Roses, Alice Cooper, Clutch, Black Crowes, and Pearl Jam, the music is about good ol' rock 'n' roll.


No Futher to Fall - 2002
Untitled Demo - forthcoming 2005
Two tracks from NFTF have received airplay on WTFX 100.5 Louisville, WCRD 93.1 Muncie, and WVUB 91.1 Vincennes.

Set List

1. In Heat
2. Sequel to #8
3. Trailer Trash Barbie
4. 40 Miles to Nowhere
5. Beggar's Seat
6. The Ride
7. Black Suit
8. B.R. Thur
Avg set time: 45 mins