Crimson Dust

Crimson Dust


Crimson Dust is more than a band to the members, its a family, a way of life. We make music that people can relate to. We try to make you get comfortable to the easy flowing melodies, then rock you out with the harder side of things. Hard rock to acoustic anthems, Crimson Dust covers it all.


Rising in the area known as the "next Seattle", Louisville, KY, Crimson Dust is quickly becoming the band on the tip of everyone's tongue. Often likened to Fuel, Audioslave, and 3 Doors Down, all with a classic edge, the bands flowing melodies brighten the sometimes darker lyrical content, contributing to a unique sound that is Crimson Dust. Writing about real-life experiences make their music something many people can relate to. The band originally formed in late 2001, and went through many line-up changes. The sound did not take shape until member Joe LaHue, vocals and guitar, joined in 2003. After finally selecting bassist Reggie Brewer in December 2003, the band has now solidified with a new passion. Crimson Dust now begins its mission to infiltrate the music world one fan at a time.


No Further to Fall - Dec 2003.
Singles "Feel the Cold" and "One More Try" having been receiving airplay on 100.5 WTFX - Louisville, KY; 91.1 WVUB - Vincennes, IN; 93.1 WBRD - Muncie, IN; 89.9 WBRO - Marengo, IN.

Set List

1. Black Suit, 2. Hopeless, 3. One More Try, 4. Lessons of time, 5. I'm Ok, 6. Feel the Cold, 7. Farewell, 8. Trailer Trash Barbie, 9. Porcelain, 10. Sequel to #8. Our set usually takes about 50 mins, many times we're asked to play for only 30, and thats easy to accomodate.