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crimson jack

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Crimson jack are a five piece band who write excellent quality music, and deliver it onstage with passion, vigour and energy. Our music is a mix of classic, 80's and 90's rock that will have you headbanging and reaching for your air guitar in no time at all.


Crimson jack were formed in early 2010, when jamie (rythym guitar) jon (bass) and liam (drums) advertised for a new guitarist. this ad was spotted by anthony (lead guitar) who quickly realised that this was just what he was looking to play after many years playing in bands that didnt quite tick all the boxes!!! after consulting each other it was decided to bring in a vocalist, and luckily enough, anthony's brother michael (vocals) came along and completed the line up.
Crimson jack draw from a variety of influences including.....
deep purple, rainbow, iron maiden, black sabbath, cream, bon jovi, aerosmith, acdc, alice cooper, green day, metallica and too many more to mention here.
Put all these influences together in the mixer and you come up with good solid well written catchy tunes. and that's what we are all about.


Crimson jack have just finished recording their first demo which consist's of 3 tracks. they are
let the show begin, written by anthony and michael.
come upstairs, written by jamie
pyromania, also written by jamie
Crimson jack are now planning to get back in the studio to record some more of their tracks.

Set List

Let the show begin
Come upstairs
Love lost tradegy
Forbidden girl
Hold on
rocking after midnight
hide and seek