Crimson Orchid

Crimson Orchid


We take a little spice from all the metal flavors and throw it into a giant crimson pot.


Crimson Orchid is the very definition of contrast. We incorporate light and dark, heavy and soft, sorrow and contempt. We are individualism coming together to form a sonic assault on the masses. We have a message to share through our music and through our stories. We welcome all individuals who have a love for life and a love for music. No matter what your background, or place in life, our doors are always wide open. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but place our stamp on it, are you ready for the revolution? If your musical prowess exceeds the common mediocrity in which you are exposed, then you would like us. If you prefer mediocrity and the "norm", this music is not for you!


Death Walks Away '04 (revised LP in '05)
Chapter XIII: Nightmares & Fairytales '06 (LP)
A Chosen Path ('08)
We are everywhere on the net.... find us!

Set List

We have enough material to fill over 2 hours but very much prefer 45 minutes to an hour. Our typical set consists of 4 - 9 songs. We do NOT do covers.