Crimson is a high-energy rock band mixing heavy guitars with catchy pop melodies and punchy lyrics from fiery lead singer Elisa. The songs are modern, but they are rooted in Elisa's love for retro-rock, ranging from the keytar bassist to the key changes and harmonized guitars of her youth.


Crimson was born of the (now-literal) marriage of Elisa Meléndez's lyrics and Evan Lamb's guitar writing. They met at Miami Killian Senior High School and began songwriting and performing together in 2001 under Elisa's name. They performed together at coffeehouses and high school talent shows, picking up band members along the way and cementing their sound. The University of Miami brought Mike Silver on keys, Brian Lange on drums, and Dave Torre on rhythm guitar. The lowest notes would come all the way from Akron, OH in the form of multi-instrumentalist Alex Hoyt on the keytar bass. Once this final line-up was cemented, it was decided that this was more of a band of best friends rather than a solo act, and Crimson was born--drawing the name from Elisa's fiery hair.


FireSongs EP released in 2006.

Set List

After All This Time
Permanently Marked
Don't Stop
Tables Have Turned
Blood of the Moon
Stagnant Waters
Say Goodbye

Crimson can also perform a variety of covers form the 80s, 90s, and 00s ranging from heavy rock tunes to modern-day club bangers.