Crimson Sweet

Crimson Sweet


If punk rock was based on Silverhead


Built out of hot skin and bad teeth in New York City, the band has toured the Midwest extensively, the East Coast sporadically, the South voraciously, and completed their first ful U.S. tour last summer. If punk was based on Silverhead, Bobby Rush, and living on store-brand peanut butter in the back of a ’79 Chevy leisure van, Crimson Sweet would already be the number one band in the Americas. Their raw, sloppy rock has earned them comparisons to bands as diverse as Dead Moon, Cheap Trick, early Replacements and the Avengers.


Crimson Sweet released three 7"s and an EP before their debut full-length album was released on San Francisco's On/On Switch label. The record racked up rave reviews and is now out of print. The band is working on the "Blood Transfusion" 7" to be followed by a full-length, both on the mighty Shake It Records.

Set List

Sets are roughty 35 minutes, all originals with the occasional cover of Silverhead, Flaming Groovies or Starz