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The best kept secret in music


"Punk Planet"

Have you ever seen those old punk mags in books where they list Blondie as "punk" and they don't even come close to that description? Well, this is what they would sound like in a wet dream. This is probably one of the best female-fronted, straight-up punk'n'roll bands. Actually, this is one of the best rock records since Cheap Trick's Live at Budokan. You don't have to say a thing: I know those are brave words. But they start out with Silverhead's "Hello New York" and just don't stop. There are some key songs such as "Airport Novel," "I Want to Live" and "Queen City V.A." that show an amazing range and homage to other bands of yesterday but make them their own. The rasp in this girl's voice is equally matched by the music, raw and aggressive. Even the mellower songs are pretty aggro and in your face. The music is 100 perent pure mainlined rock'n'roll. If this trio get the recognition they deserve, we'll be hearing a lot more of these guys. If you'll excuse me, I need to track down their catalog and wait patiently for them to make it to Boston. - Punk Planet

"The Big Takeover"

. . . rock 'n' roll that's wholly visceral and electric. Polly Watson's alluring Joan Jett-like wail is what will draw you in initially, but her jolting guitar-work is an even more significant selling point — an echoing, ear-pleasing onslaught of ringing power chords, reminiscent of Middle Class, Pylon , , , and Twin/Tone-era Replacements. Crimson Sweet are no '80s throwback, but the genius lessons they've absorbed from that era make this all the more crucial. - The Big Takeover

"Carbon 14"

I've been keeping my eye on this NYC power trio for a couple years now. Their singles have been an intriguing blend of garage and glampunk and I've been looking forward to their first full-length release. Well, it's finally here and it exceeds all expectations I could have had. It's probably the hardest rockin', most realized stuff Polly and the boys have put out. The disc kicks off with a brilliant raved-up version of Silverhead's immortal "Hello New York" and tunes like the dark "Still Glistening" and pedal-to-the-floor driving "No Hot on Cold" just blow me away. Mandatory rockage! - Carbon 14


There's an attention to atmosphere that has me convinced that they understand the inner workings of Velvet Underground songs. They also nail a perfect cover, which would make a great single: Silverhead's "Hello, New York." Their version and songs like "Airport Novel" and "So Electric" are downright fun, swaggering NYC pizza-sized slices of poppy, glammy punk. - Razorcake

"High Bias"

This, dammit , is what "punk/pop" should be. NYC trio Crimson Sweet isn't about slick, radio-ready production that just happens to be built on three chords and some 20-something dud'es horniness. It's about crazily catchy songs given raw, no-frills performances. . . . Like Rick Nielsen if he'd never discovered heavy metal . . . Crimson Sweet makes a joyously uninhibited racket that's smooth as a cherry Slurpee and tight as John Ashcroft's chokehold on the Bill of Rights. - High Bias


Fans can listen to [Livin' in Strut] only one way: with car windows rolled down, the volume cranked all the way. Rating: Mucho Gusto. - Rockpile


Super Sweet and more Crimson than Hagar is Red. This is the New Yorkest band out there and they ooze dirty gutter-soul! You'll dig! - Rocktober

"Nowwave Magazine"

I’d hate to put a restrictive label on what Crimson Sweet does, so I won’t. You could throw around terms like “postmodern” and “new wave” and “alternative rock” if you wanted, but the bottom line is that this New York City trio is simply a ROCK AND ROLL BAND. Granted, they’re cool and edgy and far more musically progressive than your average still-stuck-in-the-70’s retro rock outfit. And if you listen to the band’s music, you’ll hear obvious traces of first wave punk, art-damaged new wave, and hipster chic po-mo rock. But what Crimson Sweet is ultimately about is sexy, swaggering rock n’ roll that defies categorization and puts a sharp contemporary spin on the tried-and-true practice of playing loud & kicking ass.
LIVIN’ IN STRUT is a pretty damn cool album, but I’m betting that this group has only just begun scratching the surface of its potential. The lead-off track, an inspired interpretation of Silverhead’s anthemic “Hello New York”, is a blowaway SMASH that’ll have you screaming “Wow!” and “Fuck, Yeah!” in no-time-flat. Yowza! But sadly, the rest of the album---although not bad at all---just doesn’t match the thrilling, infectious spunk of that killer opening tune. All the parts are in place: the tight, driving, high-energy musical attack; Polly Watson’s sultry rock-chick vocals; the nuanced blend of thunderous arena rock firepower and jagged post-punk musical stylings...what’s missing, though, are hooky, delicious drop-dead-awesome songs---you know, tunes so likeable and memorable that they knock you on your ass every time! Greatness is around the corner for Crimson Sweet, but this album is merely good.
LIVIN’ IN STRUT does have its moments (...“I Want To Live“, a full-on adrenalized rocker, is so fucking intense that just hearing it may leave you short of breath!). The disc may even make my Top Ten for the year. But let me make a not-so-bold prediction: the NEXT Crimson Sweet album is gonna blow this one away. No doubt about it.
- Nowwave Magazine

"Action Attack Hellicopter"

Buzzsaw guitars played through amps held together with gray tape, simplistic yet driving drum patterns pounded on a borrowed kit, frantically yelped vocals from a girl as scary as she is sexy: This is real New York street punk. From the mesmerizing "I Want to Live" to the thudding "Sad Walk at Knifepoint" to a raucous cover of Silverhead's "Hello New York," Livin' in Strut mows down everything in its path and never looks back. Packing a punch of '70s hard rock and early punk, Crimson Sweet represent the true nature of alternative (remember that word?) by shamelessly pillaging through amateurism to focus on lyrical primal scream therapy. Like the Patti Smith Group over 25 years ago, Crimson Sweet rant and rave and beat the crap out of their instruments, and somehow reclaim rock and roll for the kids in the process. - Action Attack Hellicopter

"Pencil Fight"

This band combines the new wave of British heavy metal with no-wave punk rock.... They combine elements of glam rock, Hüsker Dü, Joan Jett, Cheap Trick, and just play fast. They get you dancing or whomp yr. ass with the sweet sound of Polly's sandpaper screams. Thundering bass and drums that always make me think some UK dj is going to remix this for hip-hop BMXers dressed like bears. This CD is heavy mindscrub - Pencil Fight


Crimson Sweet released three 7"s and an EP before their debut full-length album was released on San Francisco's On/On Switch label. The record racked up rave reviews and is now out of print. The band is working on the "Blood Transfusion" 7" to be followed by a full-length, both on the mighty Shake It Records.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Built out of hot skin and bad teeth in New York City, the band has toured the Midwest extensively, the East Coast sporadically, the South voraciously, and completed their first ful U.S. tour last summer. If punk was based on Silverhead, Bobby Rush, and living on store-brand peanut butter in the back of a ’79 Chevy leisure van, Crimson Sweet would already be the number one band in the Americas. Their raw, sloppy rock has earned them comparisons to bands as diverse as Dead Moon, Cheap Trick, early Replacements and the Avengers.