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"Listen Up: Crimson TimeBomb"

Crimson Time Bomb had its beginnings at Memphis Music Store at Poplar and White Station.

Josh Siegel, 17, saw Chase Bushnell, 16, playing guitar. “He was sitting there playing the ‘Free Bird’ solo note for note,” he said. “My jaw dropped. I was like, ‘I have to talk to this guy.’ ”

Bushnell was playing lead and Chris Borgelt, 19, was playing rhythm. “We started jamming and then it pretty much developed,” Siegel said. “That followed with us getting almost kicked out of the store. We’d go in there and jam almost every day.”

“Sometimes they would just say, ‘Hey, can you turn it down?,’ ” Bushnell said. “They’d keep telling us to turn it down ’till we couldn’t hear ourselves. It was a polite way of cutting us off. Other times they’d say, ‘You can’t play that in here.’ ”

Finally, said Siegel, “They broke down the drum set. That’s no lie.”

The store posted a sign, “No More Southern Rock,” Borgelt said.

Undaunted, the group, including Nathan Ball, 19, lead singer, continued practicing at another location and played their first gig at the New Daisy. They originally were Primavera, then Equinox and, finally, Crimson Time Bomb.

“Something that stands out, but it’s not too crazy like ‘My Left Shoe,’ ‘My Morning Jacket,’ ‘My Chemical Romance,’” Bushnell said.

Their originals include “Delirium,” which, according to Bushnell, is “about this guy just tired of society. He locks himself away from everyone. It originally was really slow, acoustic, but it’s almost got an early metal feel to it. Black Sabbath. But we keep it rock. All our songs in general are rock, but we dance around a lot of different genres.”

Describing “Moving On,” Ball said, “Life goes by so fast. It just changes. And you have to change with it.”

Their song, “Crimson Time Bomb,” is “very Rolling Stones-esque, but I think it has a lot more power,” Ball said. “It’s about a tease. Just trying to get through a girl’s head when she’s just crazy.

“The other part of the song is you’re trying to get through to her and you’re mad at her, but at the same time you’re hypnotized by the fact that she’s so good looking. You’re distracted by the fact that you can’t look past that.”

The band recently completed a demo, The Fuse is Lit, which includes seven songs.

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"The Fuse Is Lit"- 2008
7 full length tracks.
Listen at WWW.



Crimson TimeBomb was formed in the summer of 2007 by two local Memphis musicians, Chase Allen and Josh Wayne. After Josh met Chase at a local music store called Memphis Music, they began to talk about their music interests and ideas, and soon after began jamming together. The two instantly clicked with one another as they played off each other very well. Once Chase’s smooth, yet wild guitar playing, and Josh’s Zeppelin influenced drumming came together, Crimson TimeBomb was on its way to becoming a band. Only days later, Chase introduced his friend Nathan to Josh in an attempt to recruit him as the lead vocalist. Nathan quickly demonstrated to Josh his powerful yet mellow voice and Josh was immediatley sold on the idea of him as lead vocalist. Now Crimson TimeBomb was close to its completion.
The band didn’t practice much at the time, as they did not have a rhythm guitarist or bassist at the time. To deal with this, Chase decided next to introduce Josh to a man named Chris Borgelt, who apparently played a mean rhythm guitar, and was influenced by such artists as The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and even The Beatles. These influences appealed to Josh as he was inspired by the same legends of rock. Once again, days later, Josh met Chris, and was amazed by his unique style of guitar playing. The rhythm guitarist was finally found . The next and final step in the completion of Crimson TimeBomb was finding a bassist, the most difficult part.
As thing began to look grim for the bassist situation, Josh met a man named Tabor Dwyre at Christian Brothers High School, who played bass guitar. Tabor was not an amazing bassist, but he met the simple requirments the band ahd at the time. So shortly after their meeting, Tabor was introduced to the rest of the band and was later recruited as the bassist. Crimson TimeBomb was complete at last.
As the band progressed musically and intelectually, Tabor did not seem to follow along with the flow of Crimson TimeBomb. Showing up late to band practices, or sometimes not even showing up at all, was unacceptable to the band. Tabor was confronted about this issue numerous times, but still he was unable to keep up with the musical and general requirements of the band. In the winter of 2007, Tabor was relieved of his job as bassist due to a disagreement with Josh. Crimson TimeBomb faced a serious issie now. Without a bassist, a band is nothing.
The band soon became lazy and uncaring about their music as a result of not having a bassist. All the members, especially Chris, Chase and Josh began to clash with one another involving minor, unimportant issues on an almost daily basis. Things began to heat up and tensions ran high. Only months later, in the late winter of 2007, Chase left Crimson TimeBomb due to personal struggles with fellow members of the band. Crimson TimeBomb was over.
When all began to look lost for Crimson TimeBomb, another chance meeting occurred at a music store. This time it took place at Guitar Center. Josh had been browsing for new drum accessories that day, when he came across Chase, Chris and Nathan in the guitar section. They made small talk, reminisced about old times, and recalled humorous memories. For old times sake, Josh asked Chase if he would be interested in a short jam with him. Chase agreed, and minutes later they began to jam in the drum department. Josh on the drums, Chase on an acoustic guitar. They both admitted they missed making music together, and talked of reuniting the band. Only a few days later, Chase contacted Josh and they decided to reunite Crimson TimeBomb, this time with Chris, originally rhythm guitarist, on bass guitar. Crimson TimeBomb was back, ready to rock, and stronger than ever.