Crimson Vim

Crimson Vim


Crimson Vim is a Madison based rock band who draws influences from modern rock to alternative rock to classic rock. The original Crimson Vim songs mix flavors in just the right way to stay true to the core element, which is ROCK.


Crimson Vim is a Madison based band who draws influences from modern rock to alternative rock to classic rock. Lead vocalist Erik Kjelland and bass guitarst Nick Fry joined forces to create music that fits in with modern music yet reflects the artists' other musical experiences. Lead guitarist Chad Thompson was added to the group and quickly poured his electro-fried groove into the stew. Finally a rhythm master stepped out of the shadows with a jazz and punk background in the form of drummer Brad Reuber. Crimson Vim is now a complete being, bringing groove-laden rock to the masses.



Written By: Erik Kjelland

It's long way from paradise to here
I don't know if I'll outshine the big stars
I can't spend my minutes waiting for my ship to come in
I could let it go but there you sit in the backseat of my mind

And she waits and she waits for me to be someone
Don't you think, don't you think I want to be someone
I'd give it all, give it all just to be someone
Someone, somebody you can love

Hands On My Face

Written By: Erik Kjelland

I can still sleep
But I don't dream in color anymore
I can still fly
But I can't feel the breeze under my wings
Since you went away

The rain is colder
The sun just hurts my eyes
Darkness scare me
The light just makes me cry

Hands on my face as I fall to the floor
A sad self portrait of the strong man I was before
Hands on my face as I crawl through the door
My heart is bleeding as I search for something more

I can be loved
But I don't think I'd recognize the signs
I could stand tall
But head in cloud I might just shut my eyes
Since you went away

High Walls

Written By: Erik Kjelland

Until I find may way again
I will wander even farther than I was before
Sinking into irony
I have become something I could never believe

High walls, low bridges
I've met the worst of them
Your not gonna stop me now

Take me to a different pain
One that I feel but there's that it will fade someday
Close my eyes so I can see
All the villains that aren't standing right in front of me


From Paradise To Here - February 2006
Live at the Arena - August 2005
High Walls EP - January 2005

Set List

A typical 1 hour setlist would include mostly original songs, and maybe a couple cover songs. A typical 4 hour setlist would include covers ranging from Classic Rock (Beatles, Pink Floyd, Hendrix) to Punk (Ramones, Misfits, Social Distortion).