Crisanta Baker

Crisanta Baker


I would describe my music as a journey through my experiences, every moment I go through is composed into this music. The lyrics are introspective, playful and at times dark. My music is best described as folk or pop. I also incorporate a little blues to bring out my past influences.


"Olympia," to be released in February, is a mix of the past three years, you can hear the sorrowful songs of losing a friend, a broken heart, and the attempt to overcome the past. Crisanta Baker is a folk-pop singer/songwriter from the little town of Littleton, Colorado. With a mother and a father as musicians, Crisanta started classical piano at the age of four years old, and guitar at 13 years old. She began writing her own music at 15, and her first solo show at 16. Growing up Cirsanta Baker listened to Al Green and Bob Marley. Her major influences are Jeff Buckley, BB King, Damien Rice, and Sufjan Stevens.
A few of the songs from "Olympia" were taken from the first album," One Takes," all recorded in one take in Crisanta's father's small home studio. The new songs from "Olympia" were written for her friend, Alex Dixon, who died in Washington, in April of 2006. This was an earth shattering event for Crisanta, and the only way she could express this pain was through music. "Olympia" was recorded at the University of Denver's studio, by a music production major, Joel Abbot. This album features her friends Jeff Merrion, guitar/vocals, and Joel Abbot, bass.
Crisanta Baker is now playing local shows in Denver, Colorado, anywhere from small intimate coffee shops, like Stella's, to the larger venues like the Larimer Lounge, Meadowlark, and the Bluebird. Crisanta's new band member Pete Salvador, drums, also a local musician, and coworker at the family's piano store, Baker's Piano Center.



Written By: Crisanta Baker

Well the summer came and brought the rain, gave reason to stay outside.
I watched the smile upon your face and grace and love came through this town.

The winter came and took away all the life from the trees
I watched the tears fall down from your face as you cried away the day.
Where's the love in this? Where's the peace and rest?
Why do I only feel the cold?
Where's the love in this? Where's the peace and rest?
Why do I only feel the cold?

The spring came too and life returned to all those sickly trees,
I watched the tears fall down from my watery eyes as I cried away the day.
Here's the love in this, here's the peace and rest,
And I only feel the warmth.
Here's the love in this, here's the peace and rest,
And I only feel the warmth.


One Takes- released 2006
Olympia- released 2008

Set List

Long sets (2hrs+) Originals:
1.Not A Love Song,
2. An Oath,
3. The Water,
4. Olympia,
5. The Weather,
6. Black,
7. Lost Time,
8. End Of Me,
9. Takes,
10. Blues,
11. Leonardo's Flying Machine,
12. California,
13. Maybe Its Just TIme
1.I Got A Woman/The Thrill Is Gone, Ray Charles/BB King.
2. The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra
3. Wade In the Water, Eva Cassidy.
4. Hey Ya- Outkast
5. Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen, version:Jeff Buckley.
7. Be My Husband- Nina Simone.

Short sets:
1. Not A Love Song
2. Olympia
3. The Water
4. End Of Me
5. Blues
6. Be My Husband
7. The Weather
8. The Thrill Is Gone/I Got A Woman