Cris  Clucas

Cris Clucas


Singing forever, forever singing, Cris grew up in a musically chaotic household where duets competed with amped guitars and choir practise. A pop-folk band at university and a solo ticket from thereon. Heart felt lyrics combine with inspired vocal technique to produce a stand out, stellar performer.


Cris Clucas' heart felt sensibility, strong song-writing skills and inspiring vocals blend to powerful effect ensuring great appeal. With a natural voice she has always sung, her musical journey taking her from the church pew, to a pop/folk band at university and then a solo ticket from thereon. Cris' path has crossed with traditional Irish musicians, jazz aficionados, theatre companies, world-music choirs and electronic deep house and drum and bass producers.

Touring highlights for Cris have been appearing as opening act for Australian greats, Vika and Linda Bull and The Whitlam's, as well as UK drum and bass legend LTJ Bukem.

Career highlights include:
Launching solo album 'Flaming Momentos'
A Stacked Deck - burlesque show, Multicultural Fringe Festival
Musical Director, Canberra Youth Theatre
Howlfest Women's Festival, Newcastle
Jazz Residency with 4 piece jazz band 'As Famous As The Moon'
Night Club residency with Deep House DJ Ashley Feraude
Multicultural Fringe Festival, Civic
Lick, Spit and Polish Emerging Acts, National Folk Festival
Songwriters Showcase, Lanyon


Too Shy

Written By: Cris Clucas

Too shy, to say hello to me
Too tall, too small to see
Can't seem to find a word to say
Too blind to find a way

I've been in love before
How haven't you?
Yes I've been hurt before
But that won't stop me loving you

Have you ever been young and foolish and free?
Then one fateful moment it helps you to see
That just as you know that there was a beginning
So you know, each day goes till the end.


Flaming Momentos, solo album
Pop band CUSS, self titled album