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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Press Review 2008"

„Einzigartiger Sound in Deutschland!“, 05.08.2008

„glücklicherweise meilenweit weg vom deutschen Betroffenheitspop“
Mannheimer Morgen, 27.07.2008

„Dieser Cris Cosmo hat kapiert, worum es geht.“
Leipziger Volkszeitung, 25.07.2008

„Hier hat schlechte Laune keine Chance“
Heilbronner Stimme, 15.07.2008

„Wie ein deutscher Manu Chao“, 12.07.2008

„Tolle Platte !“
Dresdener Morgenpost, 10.07.2008

„Wie gemacht für einen Urlaub am Strand.“
Mainstage, 10.07.2008

„Brilliantes Debüt Album!“
Mannheimer Morgen, 09.07.2008

„Knackige Crossover Popsongs mit Killer Refrains und amüsanten Texten“
Gä, 7.7.2008

„Sommer in Deutschland, Cris Cosmo im CD Player, das paßt !“
Soundbase Online, 3.7.2008

„Erfrischend, harmonisch, sympathisch!“
Stuz, 07 /2008

"Und was er außerdem Anderen voraus hat, ist etwas, das man leider weder
studieren noch kaufen kann: Ausstrahlung. Wer in seine Augen sieht, erkennt
auch sofort das Herz seiner Musik, und so vereinnahmt er, was auch immer
sich seinem Bannkreis nähert.", 28.04.2008

„Cris Cosmo ist der beste Beweis dafür, dass sich Gute-Laune-Auftank-Musik
und Tiefsinnigkeit nicht gegenseitig ausschließen.“
Die Rheinpfalz, 14.04.2008

„gefühlvolle Pop-Sounds voller Poesie“
Frizz – Stadtmagazin Rhein-Main, April 2008

„Wer Cris Cosmo live erlebt, wird dessen Selbstbewusstsein gepaart mit
kritischem Humor genussvoll absorbieren.“
Die Rheinpfalz, März 2008

„Ausnahmetalent verzaubert die Fächerstadt“
Studentenportal „“, März 2008 über Cosmo’s Konzert im
Karlsruher Radio Oriente.

„Cris Cosmo begeistert den Velvet Club in Frankfurt“
Frizz – Stadtmagazin online, Frankfurt am Main, März 2008

„Die wahre Lebensfreude pur“
BAZ, Dezember 2007

„Diesen Sommer haben wir alle ein Gutes Gefühl. WM und Sonne befreien die
Lebensgeister. In Mannheim wohnt einer, der den Soundtrack zur neuen
Gefühlslage geschrieben hat: Cris Cosmo“
Welt kompakt, 09.08. 2006 - Different


June/20/2008 Single - Ich liebe dich dafür
July/04/2008 LP - Sandkorn
December/08/2008 Single - Reisender

Second album summer 2009 "Musik für die Bewegung"



Cris Cosmo has been on the road for years playing German latino-reggae music in Germany and abroad. Once he was busking in many foreign countries and nominated for the German Music Prize "Echo" with his song "Ich und Du". On stage the lyricist is pure energy, solo and with his fabulous band. His new Album "Musik für die Bewegung (i.e. Music for the Movement) sounds like summer, love and revolution.

Cris starts playing Music and creating Melodies as a kid. At the age of 14, at his first concert his band NTS motivates 500 youngsters to take part and celebrate. After the show the girl he is in love with kisses him on stage and his destiny is sealed. And from that night on he will never doubt music being his fate. He lives more than ten years for NTS. When the band is off, he takes his acoustic guitar and goes busking. First in his hometown Karlsruhe, then allover Europe and the United States. Soon travelling becomes a great passion. Sometimes he just goes to the truck stop and hitch hikes south wherever the journey takes him.

In 1998 in Barcelona he gets to listen to Manu Chao's "Clandestino". He is so fascinated by the simplicity of Manu Chao's songwriting, the multilingual sociopolitical and intercultural aspects, that he decides right away to leave to south america for six months in the same year to Walk in Manu’s footsteps. He plays busses and trains, places and street corners, beaches and bars. He lives a dream of colours, sounds and encounters. Temper and heat of countries and people leave their impressions on him. Spanish and Portuguese are no boundaries for a young man with good ears. In Chile he recieves his artist name "Cris Cosmo" nobody buys that small and dark haired Cris comes from Germany and call him the cosmopolitan cris, i.e. Cris Cosmo. Half a year later cris is convinced that Brasil is the paradise for living and Germany the paradise for building something up bit by bit you believe in.

Back in Germany NTS become more successful and Cris gets to the brink of being a pop star. Album production in Italy, Videoproduction in LA. His song "Ich und Du" becomes a little summer hit in Germany, sells 50.000 copies and is nominated for the Greman music prize "Echo" in 2002. But from one day to another the Major Labels is restructured an beside some other young talented and successful newcomers NTS lose their deal. Cris leaves to Berlin looking for a new sound, returns to Brasil, collecting more inspiration and sound atmo's. 2004 he starts his studies at the Popakademie in Mannheim where, surrounded by lots of other creative people, he can develop his own style, German an Latino lyrics, his acoustic guitar as a red thread and a mix of reggae, latinmerican rhythms and analog Club Beats.

Three years later he finishes his studies, moves with his wife and kids near Frankfurt and releases his solo debut album "Sandkorn" (i.e. sandgrain). The German busker's trip to Brasil turned into music. Skits of his Brasilian recordings connect the Songs. The Album receives attention in the media. he plays 150 concerts in 2008, small clubs, festivals and city beaches. In October he goes for gigs and a viedoshooting to Shanghai, China. Before he has the song translated into Chinese so people can understand at least one of his lyrics properly.

His regular band grows up to eight people: drums, bass, didgeridoo, percussions, e-guitar, Saxophone, trumpet, trombone and himself. He has still many songs in mind and on paper from years and years of songwriting and all the time new songs are born in Jams on stage or with his band or at home in his basement.

And thus just a year after the release of "Sandkorn" the second Cris Cosmo Album "Musik für die Bewegung" is ready to be released in summer 2009. With the same roots of German and Latino lyrics, street music and reggae… but the sequel is louder, clubbier and rockier than the debut. While the band is blasting and grooving through the speakers, Cris Cosmo lyrically follows the footsteps of his youth idols Manu Chao, Zack de la Rocha and Greg Graffin and talks about aspects most pop artists wouldn't dare to deal with, spreads positive energy and good vibrations. During the whole summer of 2009 Cris Cosmo is on beach- and festivaltour… Come check it out !!!