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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Blues Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Roots Music Report"

Brazilian “Gaucho” guitarist Christiano Crochemore released his solo debut album 'Play it Again' (on the Delira Musica label) in 2011. “Gaucho” refers to a person born in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Since 1986, the blues guitarist/singer has been based in Rio de Janeiro.

Cris Crochemore started playing blues during high school, and by the 1990s was playing with legendary guitarist Bebeco Garcia, founder of “Garotos da Rua” (a pioneer rock & roll band from southern Brazil). Today, Crochemore forcefully compels haunting emotion from his Fender Strat and Gibson Firebird guitars, at the same time creating plenty of feeling with his passionate vocals (all in English). Others on his new 2013 album 'Freeman Blues' include Otavio Rocha (guitar), Beto Werther (drums, backing vocals), Ugo Perrotta (bass).

Unlike his debut album which only had two originals and covers from the likes of J.J. Cale, John Mayall, Steve Winwood, John Lee Hooker and Willie Dixon, Crochemore had a hand in writing all ten songs on 'Freeman Blues.' Guitarist Octavio Rocha collaborated on eight of the new offerings. As implied in the title track, these guys seem clearly like brothers “praying this old devil’s blues.”

The Brazilian bluesman still personifies a rootsy, laidback style as he sings songs like “Garden of Love” and “Your Touch” with relaxed introspection and warm connection. With a more rural sounding acoustic presentation, “Higher Call” offers optimism, peace and hope. His original blues-rock keeps a strong emphasis on emotional attachments, hard living, new discoveries, and finding redemption.

Crochemore continues to emphasize a tight quartet sound, and I continue to hear influence of better known bluesmen like J.J. Cale on a song like “Lighthouse.” It establishes a soothing groove with its riffs and multi-tracked vocals. It’s commendable that Crochemore can capture and share those “whispers” from his old guitar on a song like “Caterina Marguerita.”

With experience, skill and guitar mastery to now make his own expressive statements, Cris’ sophomore 'Freeman Blues' project illustrates the band’s understanding of many styles and how to evoke strength and intensity alongside purity and freshness. The music’s got charm, and I only hope it’s enough to win Crochemore and the Blues Groovers more widespread appeal, success and fame beyond their Brazilian borders. As long as they stick with the blues, they’ll find their way. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)

Reviewed By: Joe Ross - Joe Ross

"Artist Spotlight "Genuine Article""

I first heard from Cris Crochemore though my pall Brent Johnson. A friend i once called sideman extraordinaire, but no longer. Brent was the long time second lead for the Bryan Lee Blues Power Band, Brent is venturing out on this own with Brent Johnson and The Call Up(more about that in an upcoming issue). So if Mr Johnson says i should give Cristiano Crochemroe a spin, i'm all in.
In 2012 Cris was nice enough to send me his first solo effort, "Play it Again". I put it my 5 disc player and somewhere along the line i lost my cover for it. I just left it in the player knowing it would show up sooner or later. well it turned to be one of my better misplacements of 2012!! I listened to that plenty. The more i listened, the more i was digging Cristiano Crochemore. It turned out to be the one my favorite CD's of 2012!!!! It deserved a review from me, but writing for a Blues Magazine can be a challenge when it comes to reviewing cd's. There are only so many a person can review in a year and it got lost in shuffle somewhere along the line.
It's 2014 and Cris just released "Freeman Blues". CRis CRochemore & Blues Groovers, this is the one that not going to get away from me.
One of the things i really like about Cris's vocal's is that i don't have to figure out who is singing. His vocals are distinctive and are chiseled for the blues. He's doesen't try to be something he's not. He stays witin his means and it's more than plenty. I love his work on the axe and i can see why Brent and him are friends. It's just make sense.
I find myself turning my stereo up a little louder and bit more louder each time Cris cuts loose. Then my neighbor will starts banging on the wall for me to turn it down. I told him one day while heading to my car: "Blame Cris Crochemore it's not my fault!" I burn him a copy ( sorry Cris) and since then he's quite beating on my wall, at least when Cris is playing anyway. Foghat will stillget him puffed up.
"Play It Again" has 2 originals the rest are covers and that's ok. Eric Clapton says take a cover and make it your own. Cris does just that. On "Freeman Blues", all are originals. That is the way it needs to be if youhave big plans for your career. Big sound, big career is the path the Cristiano Crochemore is on. From Brazil, based in Rio de Janeiro, Cris Crochemore is the genuine article. - Blue Monday

"Guitar Player Brazil # april 2014"

Cristiano Crochemore (Twenty five years)
There's another great solo spread all over the records, but the spotlight is for Twenty five Years, with an interesting rhythm session, harmonized vocals, and great guitar riffs, that's create a great atmosphere for a great soloing. But in fact, Cris Crochemore blows out his Gibson Firebird, playing funny, virtuose and hot licks. - 60 Incredible Blues Solos You Must Listen


Play It Again 2011 (Delira Blues)

Freeman Blues 2012 (Delira Blues)

Ao vivo no  Mississippi Delta Blues Festival 2013 (DVD)

Guitar Playing Dude (Mississippi Delta Blues Records) 2015



Cris Crochemore is an artist, a blues rock guitar player with a very expressive and smooth voice as well . When you hear his sound, you would be surprised he is actually  from Brazil,  considering the country notorious  fame for samba and  Bossa Nova.

The sound of Cris Crochemore, is, in fact, a great hybrid. It has  lots of Blues,  Rock and a little portion of ballads, always blended and guided by his voice and guitar.

This hybrid, combined with the strong rhythm section of the Blues Groovers ( Beto Werther on drums and backing vocals, Ugo Perrota on bass and Otavio Rocha on rhythm guitar and occasional slide guitar) gives an instant recognition for Cris Crochemore's sound and style.

Mostly of the songs you hear in Cris's work are originals, and kudos for them, considering how hard is to bring new air for music nowadays.

Cris guitar's influences goes from Johnny Winter to some early Clapton work, wild bendings mixed with fast, fearless fret work, while his band delivers a non frills solid groove, keeping the tradition of good old rock and roll.

As the late great bluesman Muddy Waters used to say, the Blues had a baby and they named it Rock and Roll, and we can honestly say that Cris Crochemore and the Blues Groovers are carrying this  "family" tradition with passion and love for the music.