Accomplished singer/songwriter, Crisi, has been performing solo and with her band for several years. She is a national and international artist. Crisi loves music, people and performing.


With her Bachelor of Music Degree from Cornerstone University, Crisi has been busy performing at national and international venues both as a Soloist and with her bands. She has been interviewed on radio/TV and has opened for several recording artists. Crisi is an accomplished songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitar player having recorded four projects.
Her CD entitled "Woman You see" was released in 2004 and is published through Cabgirl Music. Crisi recorded her first live DVD in July of 2006 and she is currently in the process of starting a new CD project.

The band has performed at clubs, festivals, camps, retreats, churches, seminars and even sporting events at the impressive VanAndel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI.

The band members are Brad Angus on percussion, Nathan Martin on bass, Curt Hines or Mike marsden on electric lead guitar, and Crisi Dykstra on acoustic guitar and vocals. These very talented artists have a great passion for music and it shows in every performance.


I Still Have Peace

Written By: Crisi Dykstra

I am convinced - there is nothing that could ever take the peace I have It’s a well, It’s a spring - Never ending

My peace grows strong within me every trial I face upon my knees and my tears can flow like rain down my cheeks, but I still have peace

I face the dark - Standing in the light. Then no matter what comes my way, the strength is inside - My heart

Peace deep within-comes from God

Crisi Dykstra © 2003 Cabgirl Music


Written By: Crisi Dykstra

Don’t take my - Don’t take my
Don’t take my Respect
Don’t take it - Don’t take it
Don’t take it all
I’ll give it away
I’ll give it for free
I’ll give some to you
Please give some to me
You take away my self-respect
I’m like a turtle with no shell
So vulnerable
Crisi Dykstra © 2001 Cabgirl Music

You'll See

Written By: Crisi Dykstra

You’ll See
You were the first love I knew
Gave you my heart
It was completely yours
So fragile and you
Broke my heart
Thought I could never
Love anyone again
I will not be broken
I’m a woman
Of Strength
Beneath these tears
So don’t worry
I’ll be all right
I’ll learn to love again
You’ll see

Time heals
Though the clock ticks
So slowly by
I know the hour will come
When my heart is
No longer yours
And ready to love
Someone who deserves
My love - Oh-----
Crisi Dykstra © 2002 Cabgirl Music,


Crisi has recorded 4 projects over the years. Eight years ago she recorded a solo 5 song EP. She also recorded an acoustic project in 2000 and her last CD release is entitled "Woman You See". It is a full band - 12 song CD. It has been played on several different internet and public radio stations. Crisi recorded a live band DVD in 2006 and is in the process of starting her new project.

Set List

Our sets can vary to whatever you need. We have done sets that last 2 hrs and others that are just short 30 min sets. Depending on the venues need.
We do a few covers, but mostly we perform original music and even worship tunes. Here is an example of a typical full concert set list:

1. Wonder Day
2. Overflow
3. I Still Have Peace
4. Unseen
5. Respect
6. You'll See
7. Go
8. Phobic - cover by Plum
9. Sweet Surrender - cover by Sarah Mclauchlin
10. Captain
11. Here and Now
12. Jaded
13. Promise Land
14. Hold On
15. Remember Me
16. My Life I Give To You
17. Wide As the Sky
18. I'll Stand
19. The Price
20. Woman You See