Crisis is a hard rock band with stunning layered vocals, impressive musicianship, great hooks, and hot guitar solos. A power trio that sounds more full than bands twice their number. Always a crowd pleaser, Crisis coined the phrase "...rock hard!"


Crisis relies on real-world experiences from working adults to explain the "Living Contradiction" that is Crisis. We're all business men by day, rockers by night that live for the glory of the sound. Because most people can relate to the real-life themes found in their music, Crisis has a broad appeal from teens to late Boomers! All three musicians have many years of experience in live performance, writing, and recording. You won’t believe how much sound comes from just three guys, one listen to their debut CD entitled “No Mercy” and you’ll be hooked.


No Mercy

Written By: Crisis-Chris Myers


Awake at last, now the one has been burning to say
The time has come for the demon to be let out to play
In the shadows we watch as we pick out our prey
Innocence unknown, well now I’ve got something to say

Watching silent as surprise enters your eyes,
Knowing that your time has come is all you can surmise.
You plead your case, as the darkness settles in,
NO MERCY-is all you’ll get until your time is through.
Everyday you’ll wonder why it ends this way.
Time is slowly slipping by.
Your look of fear, is all I’ll ever need.
Everyday you’ll wonder why.


I hear your footsteps as a smile spreads out on my face
The time is right for the one to get a chance for a taste
From light to dark I feel the change start to wash over me
Twisted delight, now I know got something to say


Living Contradiction

Written By: Crisis-Chris Myers

Infiniti gleaming, cell phone ringing, businessman weaving through traffic.
Designer clothes, matching Movado’s, trophy wife waiting at home.
Be respectable, be successful, all things are true, money becomes you.
SUV speeding, Bose is screaming, you are a living contradiction.

Meetings to make, money to burn, the scars of life running deep.
Mellow with age, not a chance, the weapon of choice is volume.
Be respectable, be successful, all things are true, money becomes you.
The curse of the day brings relief at night, we are a living contradiction.

We are a living contradiction,
We are a living contradiction,
We are a living contradiction, Selling our souls for the glory of sound,
We are a living contradiction.

Jump Punk

Written By: Crisis-Chris Myers

Millions of followers, marching to Hell
Paying their price of freedom as they’re locked into their cell.
Time slowly rips, the soul from their eyes
One silent scream and the light begins to die.

Minutes turn to hours, productive tasks at hand,
Days blur to years, and the drug use starts to rise.
Salvation sitting, right before your eyes
Think about the ending, and the waste of your life

Footsteps coming, the tingle of fear
You hear him say…

And the Boss says-- JUMP……PUNK
You’d better --JUMP……PUNK
Shut up and --JUMP……PUNK

Darkness descends, as they empty their cells
Routine is crushing the strongest of wills.
Return tomorrow, to another day of doom
Your plan of escape is coming so soon


CD TRACKS (and brief description of each):

1. No Mercy. A disturbing song about a psychotic stalker with 3 distinct personalities.

2. Living Contradiction. Successful business-men by day, rock gods by night.

3. Jump Punk. This person feels imprisoned by their job with a horrible boss who tells them to…”Jump Punk!”.

4. Alter Ego. His alter ego is that of a biker, it’s what gets him through the day.

5. The Choice. He finds her cheating on him, what choice will he make?

6. I’m There For You. A daddy-daughter love song.

7. This Time. A young person with decisions to make, trying to find their way.

8. Thank You! A sincere thanks to all of the men and women in the U.S. Military.

9. Corporate Casualty. Another nameless casualty in the corporate world strikes revenge by becoming successful with his own business.

10. Dr. Frank. A rock/rap song about an average Joe with a funny nick-name.

Set List

All Original Set (approx 60 min)

No Mercy
Living Contradiction
Jump Punk
Alter Ego
The Choice
I'm There For You
This Time
Thank You!
Corporate Casualty
Dr. Frank
Lost In Her Eyes
Ghost Track #11