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The most dynamic emcee in the game since the legendary Notorious B.I.G., Crisis embodies the Boss persona with the charismatic and lyrical ability that has had him compared to the late Brooklyn Great. Catchy hooks and lyrics that make the head bounce and the body move best describes his style.


“De facto” is the term many use to describe this emcee. Born in Northwest D.C. and raised in Northern Virginia, Crisis Black reps the DMV (the District, Maryland and Virginia) proudly with his versatile, yet honest approach to the mic. His lyrics touch on a wide variety of subject matter—from social justice to the party scene—but unlike many of today’s more mainstream hip-hop acts, he remains true to his own experiences.

Crisis Black first took the stage in 1994 as a member of the group Endless Descendants. Then known as Mista Digg, he teamed up with fellow DMV rapper AC. Together, Crisis Black and AC produced a number of underground hits. By 1995, Crisis Black had became a known and desired commodity in the DMV hip-hop community, landing roles as the featured artist on several tracks by local legends Close Encounters (Blitz Legacy & He Allah), including “Constellations” and “We Live 4 Today”.

As the buzz surrounding Crisis Black grew, one man—The Wizard—knew talent when he saw it, and he offered Crisis Black a spot in the group Rude Clique, one of the DMV’s most promising local acts. Seizing the opportunity to collaborate with some of the DMV’s best, Crisis joined the Rude Clique movement, and they proceeded to pump out tracks like “What is on Your Mind” and “Life of a Soldier”.

Rude Clique’s run came to an abrupt end in 1998, but Crisis Black kept rhyming. He joined the Global Currency label (founded by Blitz Legacy and Ade), and soon thereafter became their headliner. Under the tutelage of Blitz Legacy and Ade, Crisis Black also found success in the battle-rapping arena. His freestyling abilities earned him “Wall of Fame” status at several venues in D.C.

Not one to ignore the need for education, Crisis Black moved to Richmond in 2000 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. In Richmond, he collaborated with celebrated Virginia artists Antagonist, A.J. Da Smuck, Canayda and Nick Fury, and he also recorded his first solo album, "Manic Depression".

Upon his return to Northern Virginia, Crisis Black recruited the help of his long time friend, Ace Luciano, and together they created Iron Triangle. Acknowledged by many as the premiere hip-hop movement in the DMV, Iron Triangle came to be for the DMV what the Wu Tang Clan was for Staten Island.

Today, Crisis Black devotes much of his time to uniting the DMV’s best hip-hop talent in an effort to put the region on the map for good. He still drops his own mixtapes and singles, which can be heard in clubs and on radio stations up and down the East Coast.



Written By: C.Ndangmo

I only run wit the real type
phoney niggas can't exsist in my sqaure right
Allah Love Life my niggas gon fight
for A Alike cause we bleed the same blood right
whether its the hottest days or the coldest nights we gon ride
while the bitch muthafuckas gon hide
pussy boy plays the part real well dressed up for action
but you can spot em when you hear they accent
whats ya accent

Some niggas they gon hate
some niggas they act bitch
some niggas be playin hard
you pop em they turn snitch
some niggas be actin rich
rockin fake ass jewels frontin
you old head dawg take dumb shit off
I'm from dat new shit
but still act old school
militant minded
butter timbs wit no jewels
I aint new to this game
I was raised on the rules
I rock a suit an tie
but my dudes
still hold tools
El padrino Iron Triangle
flow sick blood thicka
crew thick
run wit us you dont wanna collide nicca
cause thats not a good look
you tube ya ass whoopin
dats not a good look
listen homie
you don't know me
an really you don't want it
don't judge the smile on the cover jus read the whole book
whole book
you might be surprised
a real nigga when its time for action
peep my accent

vs 2

The old heads used to say
your swaggers the way you actin
steeze or steelow
we call that shit your accent
its that pause in a fella step dat he can't hide
or that moment when they see in your eyes dat you gon ride
when you see me nigga know I aint hard to find
running wit eastwood yeah he got the southside
or maybe I'm wit Zeus
up in Brooklyn baby
runnin wit loc'ed out panamanians
got damn
I still rep Jacarie
my niggas in prision
my nigga Polo how you livin
my nigga Dre I see your vision
militant mind from the same vine
in due time we crush grapes to make wine
this melanian in our skin is so divine
our destinys intersects points thats bilateral
the vectors cross an crash collateral
is above average
when its on I become a savage


now when you hear about us talkin bout an accent
that means that we talkin bout how you get down
its got everything to do wit ya actions
it aint got shit to do wit how niggas sound
if you real then you real we can recognize
but phoney niggas get scoped out from a mile
so when its on an its time for action
jus peep a dudes style
there's no need to ask em
whats ya accent

I was dat young blood nicca schooled by og niggas
da heart of hustla
yet always remained calm
cut from the same cloth as fat cat an nicky barnes
more than a boss of this thang I mangle the game
my words are spoke like a scholar mayne
when I spit my hollar thang
etch my name in the hall of fame like I'm Charlemagne
I'm in my bag when
when its time to bang
MJ in his prime you know you can't fuckin hang


Manic Depression
Project Mayhem
American Graffiti

My music can be heard on XM Radio, Various internet radio stations as well.

Set List

The typical set consists of

Wanna Be Like Me (In The VIP)
Top Of The World
Crack Muzik
Gunz N Butta
Betty Davis Eyes

The sets are about 45 minutes but can be extended to fill an hour or two hour slot as well.