Crisis Center

Crisis Center

BandHip Hop

Dome Cracking Beats, Rhymes and Cuts.


Crisis Center Productions consists of two individuals, Undefined - Christ of Rhymes and DJ Concept, with one common goal; to create music from the heart.

One of the most important things Crisis Center brings to the table is respect for their fellow artists. Being artists themselves, they understand the obstacles and frustrations of this business. Though sometimes it is those obstacles that force you to take the next step.

Their group/ production company/ label is built upon the foundation of discipline, strict work ethics, and an undeniable passion for music. This is all obviously portrayed in their first release; where you can feel the heart put into every rhyme, beat, and scratch.


Crisis Center - Volume One
Crisis Center - Version 2.0
Crisis Center - The Art of Self Defense (single)

Receiving strong college and mainstream radio play worldwide.

Set List

Our live show is definitely something to peep out. We come through with a highly explosive set and leave the stage torn down. Fans of all genres enjoy our performance.