Cris Nikolas

Cris Nikolas


Cris Nikolas is a breath of fresh air in a time of cookie cutter artists that wait for others to release music so they may compete. Cris keeps it real and creates music that sounds like nothing you've ever heard but with a lasting effect on everyone that listens to it.


Cris Nikolas born Christopher Nicholas Drick was born 12/19/86 (Sagittarius) in Marietta, Georgia. At an early age he expressed artistic talent, writing ability and athletic ability as well. It was obvious that he was going to pursue many avenues, playing basketball in junior high and high school sports-wise but also through poetry and lyric writing, creating much material that he would carry around in a notebook which also served as self-expression about who he was and what he wanted to say. His upbringing was not a typical one but he had a foundation through extended family and friends that would see him through many changes in his life - some that challenged him to overcome obstacles, some that would threaten his life, some that would make him realize that he could overcome hard times and see not only who he had been but what he wanted to become and to express that in lyrics, benefiting others who would relate. He also has a natural sense of humor that is a building block in the overall person that he is, seeing life in a humorous light that is infectious to others. His hobbies are working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle, basketball, running, drawing and hanging out with his friends. Cris lives his life with positive thinking - thinking forward instead of backward, seeing the things that can improve his life and avoiding the things that are negative influences on him. His music style is not meant to be categorized as much as it is meant to be experienced, "not to emulate or imitate but to initiate" a style of his own. The biggest reward from making his music is the ability to make people dance, make people think and reinforce the fact that music is the uniting force that brings us all together.


As of Oct 7, 2007, current singles are:
"Shake It Shake It Drop It",
"Not that kinda guy"
"My Name is Cris Nikolas"

Set List

Cris Nikolas has a performance that lasts from 30 - 45 minutes.