Cris Oak

Cris Oak

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

"She is very refined, was born to sing" Ignez Agnes - teacher of Art of Singing Through the Ages, at the Art Museum of São Paulo (MASP).Cris Oak is the new voice of a hip mix of brazilian music with soul. She is a great performer, the kind you hear versions of classics - but improved.


Cris Oak, the newest discovery of jazz in Brazilian lands, was born in 1986 and always lived in São Paulo. Graduated in Law, Cris has expanded her interests in visual arts, psychology and philosophy, but made ??the music the axis of her artistic career - and jazz, her passion.

Her early experiences, yet unpretentious, started with nights at Baretto Bar in Sao Paulo, next to Dave Gordon, the first promoter of her career, by whom she has great affection.

Her first album, "Studies of Jazz and Bossa Nova"" has Dave Gordon ans it's special guest.

Today with her band, Chris Oak started a new phase, adding to her repertoire some original compositions of her own, and also her " B Side" - sounds less known by the public - by renowned artists of jazz and its variations, with influences of soul, funk and groove. Between vocal and instrumental solos, the project shows the singer's musical personality, built from her inspirations, including Nina Simone, Elza Soares, Elizete Cardoso, Tania Maria, Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck among others.


Estudos de Jazz e Bossa NOva (2010)
New single: Too Fresh (Cris Oak)

Set List

1. All of Me
2. Stronger than Me
3. Summertime
4. Satin Doll
5. So What
6. At Last
7. I got Trouble
8. Too Fresh
9. Feeling Good
10. Edmundo
11. Cross your Fingers
12. Is you is or is you ain't my baby
13. Dindi
14. Beggin