A Bolivian/American Flamenco guitarist joins forces with a free thinking coffee-shop type to create a punk fueled acoustic/electric band with an old fashioned approach to songwriting and contemporary themes. Complete with a light but hearty does of 60's style psychedelia.


Criss Evrett - named after the famous female Tennis player combines a Bolivian/American flamenco guitarist and a Kerouac loving bourgeoisie.

Combines old-fashioned approaches to songwriting with contemporary themes. Complete with tongue-and-cheek humor and dry satire.

Two of the members of Criss Evrett are published poets.


Ep - 2006

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 30 min to 2 hrs. With a different arrangement of the following songs.

Run away n' Hide
Methamphetamine blues pt 1.
Movin' too fast
Deja Vu (Relive like)
Was there someone in my room last night?
Methamphetamine blues pt. 2
Sleep now
Into the night
Steamboat shore
Vasudevas shortcomings as a husband
When blood runs through these rivers

We also cover numerous classic rock + country songs on occasion.