cris tanzi

cris tanzi


"A hint of Pop that retains a classy sound by FM179"


Listen closely for a hint of bittersweet melancholy a touch of hidden longing in the fragile folk pop of Italian singer-songwriter Cris Tanzi. Swapping her Mediterranean home for a London-based Music School (UK) a good ten years ago, Tanzi soon bumped into her future partner Alex Scaturro. A lasting, fruitful collaboration and relationship that culminated in the couple's loudest laptop/guitar project Trigger Baby. Cris Tanzi’s solo career, on the other hand, is relatively recent development: In 2005,the gifted singer finally plucked up the courage to take her voice and guitar to London's stages, where her moving songs soon gained her favourable comparison to pop's leading ladies, from Bjork to Tori Amos. Cris Tanzi her self remains unimpressed,” What I play is the sound of my life-wherever I go, good or bad, my music will always be with me."


"my home" is my first self produced album released in June 2007.
One of the songs in the album"my home" was selected by Mercedes Benz to be in their mixed tape n.15.
"Enough" has been played on and radio radio 24/7.
"Enough" has also come 2nd in the competition where i was able to win 200 submissions to radios and labels all over the world.

Set List

I usually play for 30 minutes and sometime 1 hour.
my songs are called :the storm,show me,im great,enough,little light,when she smiles,edges,time to leave,cherish u,my home and new shoes.

the only cover i do is "moon river"