Cristian Tarcea

Cristian Tarcea



Cristian Tarcea ,artist ,composer and producer ,he has been studying music ,piano precisely, since he was 3 years old.

Even at the age of 5 he started a music career acquiring with small steps the knowledge earned along the time in music (theory,instrument).

He possesses various prizes at music competitions and extracurricular acitivities.

At present he is studying percussion ,piano ,music theory and all that has to deal with music ,those things making of him a good player at both instruments.

Music production

Having already composed many scores,he decided to begin a career in music production.This started in 2000,when his father bought him his first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).Obviously, at that time the possibility of producing music at a professional level was quite low,but with hard work,he managed to advance and still has to learn a lot.

In time he came to know various artists and he made well-founded relations with them learning from each of them something essential,useful in the life of producer and future artist.

These days he is working at his own projects,in the studio, but he never says no to the projects of other artists for whom he is working and he wishes that in the future could build himself a name in the world of music.