Cris Zambrano

Cris Zambrano


My sound is probably best described as 'Urban Acoustic' - born from an eclectic mix of genres (Rock, Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz, Folk, Classical and The Blues) and coupled with poetic and intelligent lyrics sung with both passion and presence.


As a native of Denver, Colorado I grew up surrounded by talented musicians and soon found an outlet for my creativity in classical guitar and song writing.

My music is a compilation of sounds that a kid growing up in an urban environment is exposed to. Regardless of the genre I'm placed in, be it World or Americana, I put a passion in my music that is seldom experienced and a flare to covers that makes them my own. Words, music, melody, rhythm... to me they're like lovers dancing in movements I can feel. I embrace the audience with wit and ease, introducing them to my songs by exposing their origins and evolution. Regardless of the size of the venue, I'm ready and able to perform.


'Everybody's Next' - Debut, five song album featuring Cris Zambrano on Acoustic and Classical Guitar and Vocals, Ernie Martinez on Mandolin, and Julie Parker on back up vocals.

Set List

1. La Obscuridad
2. Oh You Kid!
3. Say It Easy Jenny
4. Deep
5. Panic Love
6. Black Lacquer
7. Voodoo Kind of Love
8. Patina
9. Nelly (instrumental)
10. Holy Chapel
11. Bella’s Eyes
12. The Lows of Love
13. Sobriety
14. Itchy Blues
15. Don’t be Unkind
16. Love Song (The Cure)
17. But I Do (Hal Ketchum)
18. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
19. Driving With The Breaks On (DelAmitri)
20. Tell Her (DelAmitri)
21. Hurricane (David Wilcox)
22. Running To Stand Still (U2)
23. I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
24. Melissa (Alman Brothers)
25. Delta Rain (The Blessing)