Critical Assembly

Critical Assembly


Hard Hitting Metal,Duel guitar harmonies and amazing drumming! Loud and Roudy, Gear Grinding riffs causing a stir across Texas


In an era of many different genres of metal, a new band has risen from
the ashes of all of our fallen idols and current masterminds.
Enter- Critical Assembly. With heavy and melodic styles ranging from Slayer, Killswitch Engage,
Pantera, Superjoint Ritual and Slipknot. We touch on all levels of influences.
CA was formed early in 2005 and immediately caused a stir in the metal scene in Austin, Tx. After going
through some member changes, the lineup was formed. In 2006 the Duel Guitars and amazing drum techniques set CA in stone.
An emerging tour in the Texas area is on the books. From killer shows in Austin all the way to Victoria and beyond
CA has left a permanent mark on the Texas metal scene with many more to come...

Catch us out at a show sometime, look us up on the internet.
We are Metal,were loud and roudy, but we assure you....You will enjoy the show!


2009 Critical Assembly Demo

Set List

Standard 45 Minute Set List

1-Black Earth
2-Intvitro Virus
4-Puke Stained Shirt
5-My Own Hell
6-Working Man Slaughter
8-New Track 1
9-New Track 2
10-Bread for Bombs