Critical Diamond

Critical Diamond

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I'm a well crafted artist as well as producer and I write my own lyrics. I am one if not the hottest musician coming up right now and my music speaks for it's self.


I can pretty much be described as a really unique and rare artist. There's no one with a style like mine out right now. I got started with the music business when I first told my Father that I rap and he listened and supported me all the way. My mom she came a long. I listen to so many styles, Bob Marley, Lil Wayne New York, South and the West. I pretty much started off struggling and now I am able to get my music out to the people and I'm getting a response I didn't expect. My story is too long to tell you. Just know that it didn't happen over night.


I have a single on the radio right now. Soul 92.1 Jams in Rocky Mount, N.C. and it's called "No Emotions". My brand new first Indie released able is the same title. I got inspired by Bob Marly and Tupac. No emotions is who I am. I can't help that I'm cold hearted more than an usual person is. It will be release on Myspace Nov. 30 2009.

Set List

I have 8 songs on the album. I say it's about 35 to 45 mins. long.