Critical Element

Critical Element


Critical Element is an amazingly talented group of musicians who fuse all elements of their musical influences into one, creating a sound that is uniquely their own. With a strong reggae underlay, Critical Element has music you can dance to, laugh to, cry to and get by to.


Langley, British Columbia started bumping and moving in 2005 with the collision of Reggae, Rock, and an attitude that can change the world. Some citizens thought the plates were shifting creating the smooth vibrations. Others prayed for forgiveness believing the ever-deepening sound of bass was the voice of God. Birthed from the depths of four souls, genres clashed, tensions flared, and an epic battle of the minds ensued for months. The outcome presented the world with what can only be known as: Critical Element.

Critical Element consists of vocalist "Dizzy" Dustin Overhill, Drummer Brani Shibilev, Guitarist Sean Simpson and Bassist Colin McMath. The group is heavily influenced by many genres of music such as Hip-hop, Blues, Folk, Soul and artists ranging from "Bob Marley" to "The Beatles". The fusion of styles creates a sound that will resonate for the years leaving ripples in the stream of popular culture. Critical Element went quiet for a few months and harbored inside Turtle studio with Larry Anschell in White Rock, B.C. The eerie calm sent chills down spines but the calm was over and a storm released June 7, 2008. The band’s first full length studio album entitled, “Believe Us” released to a packed house at Vancouver’s Media Club.

Critical Element has notably shared the stage with the likes of Allison Crowe, The Turn, Marianas Trench and Daniel Wesley, to name a few strong souls. After being spotlighted on local college radio and another broadcast at Bellingham's 92.9 KISM, they were chosen by 99.3 The Fox for the Prestigious FOX SEEDS competition in Vancouver, B.C. Out of the hundreds of bands who enetered, they worked themselves all the way to the Top 20. Through support and raw power of the music, Critical Element is set to blow across Canada very soon to blast the noise and create ruckus in every town.


2006 - released "The Road Less Travelled" Ep
2008 - released " Believe Us." Lp

Set List

A set usually consists of an hour of original material. It is High Energy and leaves the crowd wanting more. With over 40 tracks currently written, the setlist is constantly changing and evolving.