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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Metal Alternative


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"Metal Blast - Indie Wednesday - Week 36/2014"

Rating: 4/5
Location: Canada, eh?
Label: Independent Release

Criticull have been bringing their unique brand of funked-up thrashing mayhem to Ottawa-area crowds for a couple of years, and have finally gotten to the business of cranking out a recording that approaches professional grade. Back in Brown is an EP full of the band’s signature sense of humour, cacophonous arrangements and more scat references than you can throw your charmin ultra at.

What the release lacks in packaging (it’s a simple cardboard sleeve housing a CD-R with the title written on it in marker) it makes up in music. The opening song, “Eye for an Arm”, is a stand-out track for its sudden twists and turns as well as its showcasing of Cutter’s varied but loose and unrefined vocal delivery. It’s refreshing to hear a vocalist unconcerned with technique and who is willing to just belt out lyrics however he feels them. The inclusion of saxophonist Man Dee also lends the songs an added texture that separates the bandfrom other Funk/Metal fusion acts. At times she provides the licks and at others she lays down the rhythm; it’s almost like she’s filling the position that, in a more traditional band, would be occupied by a second guitar player. The EP is produced serviceably but simplistically: Cutter is placed front and centre, and everything is audible and clear, although Ried’s rhythm guitar parts are sometimes drowned out by all of the other craziness going on. Nothing is ever really given a push at key points during the songs; there are no right-channel/left-channel tricks. It’s basically the production that was needed and not much more.

While the production and overall packaging still leave a little to be desired, the songs are so refreshing that they almost completely make-up for it. Criticull is a band that doesn’t forget that music is something fun, and as such they never shy away from infusing the songs with low-brow humour and general weirdness. The fact that they’re all clearly skilled musicians who are serious about their individual playing makes this attitude toward song-writing and presentation that much more refreshing. Songs like “Pick up my shit” (A song about picking up after your dog) and “Sex Candle” (self-explanatory) will make you laugh as much as mosh.

- Matt - Matt Miller

"Song Review : Eye For An Arm Criticull"

Song: “Eye For An Arm”
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Date of Release: 12/07/2014
Genre: Bunglefunk
Reviewer: Ouroboris

Meet Criticull. They’re from Canada. Although things take longer to get there due to the way the oceans currents move – this isn’t the reason they sound very 1989. These guys are big fans of a band called Mr. Bungle. Mr. Bungle was around from 1985-2001 and during that time were famous for many things including being the “other” band that Mike Patton of Faith No More was in. This was before he was known (as he is now) for being in a few dozen prog style supergroups each one wankier and more self indulgent than the last. So at the time it was either Faith No More or Mr. Bungle that old Mike Patton was known for.

As one of my colleagues glibly commented when this came into the IPHYB offices. “These guys like Mr. Bungle” well yeah they do. Considering how many teen metal bands I trawl through on a weekly basis there though. Each one having the hat the right way, the guitars cleaned up until they sparkle and the annoying as fuck dual vocal clean/scream thing kids do – so what? They aren’t the only guilty clones that come through here!

There’s a million bands that all desperately want to sound like their favourite band. Criticull are hardly the first ones at it. Or even the first ones to want to sound like Mr. Bungle. In Perth alone, in the 90s there was at least 10 “funk punk” bands inspired by Mr. Bungle’s first record.

A good album inspires people but a brilliant one, sometimes makes them go “Oh my God let’s just do this!”

The point is, it’s fine to do that but try to put a new spin on it. Criticull haven’t really done that – based on this song.

“Eye For An Arm” the opener from the humorously titled “Back In Brown” EP wears this influence on the sleeve pretty much from the word go. The wacky guitars and intricate ass slap, chili pepper style, bass funkin’ is all there. As is the stutter rap vocal styles that Anthony Kiedis made famous and then Mike Patton improved. The production is cheap but not too cheap. The recording could’ve come off a 4 track demo cassette from 1989. The musicians themselves are pretty talented. The vocalist has nailed the Patton style which he’s obviously a big fan of. He’s got the stutter rap, the high pitched glam scream and the impromptu death growl at the end of a lyric. But this guy doesn’t have the ear or tune to pull it off quite the same. The rest of the band are pretty tight. Drums, guitars, bass and keyboards even – bring this late 80s throwback together nicely.

The bio has this little story about how their songs are mostly about shit but this one’s about violence. Humorous funk metal ditties about shit are entertaining and the food/shit/sex fetish thing was one of Bungle’s trademarks.

“An eye for an arm and an ear for an eye,
You disagree with me you’re gonna fucking die!
An ear for an eye and an arm for a face,
Your words ain’t nothin’ but a fucking disgrace.
A face for a leg and an eye for a tooth,
You will be on the receiving end of my abuse.
An eye for a leg and an arm for an ear,
‘Cause we don’t take shit around here“

It sounded to me more like a humourous ditty about dismemberment. The lyrics are just witty. There’s no point in trying to be deep with funk because the punters will be too busy funkin to think.

The song itself is pretty good. If you want to remember or just listen to what early Mr. Bungle was like Criticull aren’t too bad at aping it. I would hope like the dozens of Bunglesque bands I saw back in the day – they eventually progress and expand to include their own ideas. The glam scream when done by them – was funny and unique, because back then, taking the piss out of glam was something few singers did. The shit/food/sex references thing was Bungle’s hilarious schtick because bands didn’t really mix it like they did.

At the end of the day, I’d love to watch Criticull and see this type of shit live, since even Bungle wasn’t doing this style at the end of their reign. But I wouldn’t buy/download more than one release from them because it’s just plagiarism. Good plagiarism but plagiarism nonetheless. With all the musical skill and ability these guys have, I’m sure they’ll progress into something unique.

Vocals: 5/10
Guitars: 7/10
Bass: 7/10
Drums: 8/10
Production: 6/10
Lyrics: 5/10
Songwriting: 5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 6/10 - Ouroboris


Still working on that hot first release.