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Boerne, Texas, United States | SELF

Boerne, Texas, United States | SELF
Band EDM Hip Hop


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The original version of this track by A Lost People is an an absolute banger!!! The Dubstep remix by Crizzly does not disappoint either. Straight heater….talk about Grimey goodness. Better not sleep on this!!!! - Beezo

Crizzly from San Antonio. All of his songs you can download if you go to his SOUNDCLOUD. Make sure you show support and follow him on FACEBOOK. - The Ughog

Get ready to step into the 64bit time machine folks, because this ones gonna saddle you up on a nostalgic “Epona-driven” ride through the Land of Hyrule! If you were nerding it out hard like I was in ‘98, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s actually produced pretty decently, it’s got some grind that syncs up with tune — but that’s less of the concern here. This one is just too fun! I think I’m going to drop it this weekend simply because of the guaranteed laugh-factor. At least I hope people remembered or played this game? I know I wasted hours questing through far too many ridiculous scenarios; epic battles with the living innards of a giant fish monster, malicious conflicts with rotund mountain monsters, and sand-blasted swordplay with nimble gypsy-folk in forgotten deserts. Strap on the flashback glasses and get ready for Link vs. Dubstep: Crizzly style! - Chw Yr Vtmns

I spotted this track creeping on White Folks Get Crunk earlier today. San-Antonio based teen Crizzly takes the cred for this one. Just to warn you, this track isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s dirty. Not just in the “2 Live Crew” way that the name might imply but it’s one of the rudest dubstep remixes I’ve ever heard.

Hit play and try not to be offended. If this is your cup of tea, the track’s ready for your crate at 320kbps, just be careful with this thing! - What's Good With It

Found this dope track over on the DJ Remix Share site this morning. Goes hard. You know the track, now its just nasty. - White Folks Get Crunk

The next vitamin I’ve got for you has high doses of both forms of Vitamin D, Vitamin D(utch) and Vitamin D(ub). Gotta love when an artist pulls of more than one genre successfully. Also, DMX remixes need to happen way more often. - Vacay Wave

The new commers to pick out of this list are Crizzly and Belzebass who both toss out some solid remixes that I know I’ll be recommending to some local dj clubstars. -


No releases as of now. I do plan on releasing tracks in the future with an Austin based label run by Run DMT.



I was born in Harlingen TX and moved to Boerne TX when I was 3ish. Boerne is a quite little town in the hills about 30 minutes from San Antonio (San Antonio is also a quite place despite having a population over a fuckin million). When I was around 14 I began writing songs and recording stuff with Adobe Audition. At 16 the idea of being a DJ some how came to me. You gotta understand that a DJ to me at the time was some old white dude playing top 40 hits at quinceaneras or at my school’s dances. My goal and motivation for being a DJ was to do better than those shitty DJ’s that no one ever liked. I started playing birthday parties, town festivals, house parties and eventually some of my high school’s dances while randomly mixing Daft Punk with Akon.

I was literally the only DJ I knew in my area until I started going to college and getting out of the house. I met a few DJ’s playing at a mall in the summer of 2009 and got on a few shows at some bars downtown. By the end of 09 I was throwing my own shows at one of San Antonio’s premiere rock venues and working with a lot more people than I expected. Since the beginning of 2010 I’ve had at least one show a week (or more sometimes) while going to school and working at Wal-Mart (fuck yeah). My productions also began in 2010 as a new years resolution to finally start making proper dance music that was worth playing in my own sets.

As of now I’m 19 years old and I’ve played in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Mcallen and New Braunfels. I’ve also played for acts such as Hot Pink Delorean, Damaged Good$, Whiskey Pete, and Designer Drugs. I think it’s safe to say that Texas isn’t on the map for dance music but as I’ve grown, so has the scene. My main goal right now is to work on building the scene even more while getting super duper famouzz. Oh and having fun is also important.