CR Jurden Jr Music Group

CR Jurden Jr Music Group


My music is Southern Rock meets Classic Rock...introduced by Modern Rock.


Dad sat me down in front of an antique upright piano when I was four or five. Some of the keys didn't work on the worn ivory keyboard, but I played the three chord boogie-woogie to my heart's content. My passion in music was realize then.

I still have that piano.

I am an artist, a story-teller...poet of song, through lyric and staff. These experiences are expressions of heart-threaded art, relevant to a wide variety of listeners through their rock beats and riffs and lyrics that touch the listeners where they are, wherever they are...everywhere they are.

I am a songwriter and lyricist. This project has thus far been recorded in my personal studio where I played guitars (electric, acoustic, and bass,) as well as playing drums, and vocals (both lead and back ground). On this project other players included: Jerry Jurden, Bradley McMurtry and Michael Adams. This album is self-produced and mixed and engineered by Tim Dolbear of Eclectica Studios located in Austin and can be found at: I am currently writing and recording music as well as playing in the worship band at Bethel Bible Church.

My musical influences include first and foremost my close friends and colleagues through the we sat around different places trying to figure out how so and so, or who’s-it played that riff this or that way. My brother Jerry, friends Michael, Justin, Ray, Brad, Hondo, Todd, and Tony are at the forefront of the sit around and jam list, (there are so could I possibly fit them all on one page!) Other influences include: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Third Day, Paul Baloche, The Eagles, Bad Company, Red, Todd Agnew, and a host of others in genera including Country, Rock, Rap, and Classical.


A list of currently released materials and current projects can be found at:

Set List

As I am a lead artist, as well as a backup player my set list varies according to audience. At a headliner at a coffee shop I might play songs like "Meet Me Today" as an all acoustic version. Back-up with the Bethel Bible Band would consist of something like The Desperation Band.