Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Full tilt dick swinging boogie woogie rock n' roll.


In the summer of 2011, on the deathbed of Faded Fortune and New Divine, an ancient, prophetic beard grower spoke these few but echoing words, "Hail Crobot! Burier of the Disco! Destroyer of Dubstep!"

What is thy being known only as Crobot? Half-bird, half-bot, or half-alien? No one knows. What we do know is that in the short time since that awful, riff-wielding beast's conception, little has been discovered about how to protect thyself from a Crobot possession.

Luckily, The Dirty-faced Brethren, made of four brothers wielding axes, sticks, pipes, and beards carved from the ancient stone, have united to rid the earth of the evil scum from Radio GaGa ; each of them swinging a different weapon.

The Dirty-Faced Brethren of Crobot is:

Brother Keith McGonigle, bringer of thunderous percussion by way of his sticks from the sky and his Colossus kettles

Brother Sam Grim, keeper of the low lands, rattling bones by bringing the bass like a stampeding Mammoth

Brother Bishop, grower of the grit, master of alien technology and axe powers from the great southern planet Tehnacee

Brother Brandon Yeagley, the throat of Thor, necromancer of gyration, equipped only with hips and a swinging microphone