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"Cromie – Hold It In, Let It Out"

My homie Cromie is just that, the homie through and through. With a giant, Cheshire Cat like smile plastered across his face and an infectious cheerfulness, it's hard not to feel at home around him. When you add that to his carnal knowledge of all things deep, you know I had to christen him into the Rhonda International Fam.

Croatian born & LA bred, this transplant has an undying love for unshakeable tenets of house & garage, and it shines through in his music. For this mix, Cromie chose to take us on a journey through some his hood, where his Garage, Bass, House, and Techno forefathers paved the way for the raw and loose vibe on his own forthcoming release.

Keep an eye out for Cromie's, "If I Was", around the 64 minute mark [Forthcoming on Rhonda International]. Incredibly delicious. - A Club Called Rhonda

"New 12"/10"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 8/21 - Cromie & Sage Caswell, Helena Hauff, Iasos, Marcel Dettman & more!"

First time on wax for two rising LA house producers. It's a big one. "Vines" comes off as a more euphoric, less serious Hyph Mngo, with angelic vocal samples and delayed chords ringing over insistent, human drums. "Pyrex" retains the drum snap, yet succeeds with a deeper, head down sound. Kyle Hall provides an amazing remix of Vines, introducing lo-fi percussion elements and modifying the bassline into a swinging, filtered monster. Ghosts on Tape aims for the floor with his read on Pyrex, cutting up diva vocals for a thoroughly modern take on the King Street template. A promising first release on the NYC-based Peach imprint, and hopefully the first of many from some new house talents. - Amoeblog (Amoeba Records)

"XLR8R - Cromie & Sage Caswell "Vines" b/w "Pyrex""

The world may not be so familiar with Cromie and Sage Caswell yet, but the pair of producers has managed to acquire some choice names to remix its debut EP. Peach, the label behind "Vines" b/w "Pyrex" is a new venture of Rem Koolhaus, a former design director for XLR8R and the co-founder of New York City's TURRBOTAX party. The remixers include Detroit's Kyle Hall, San Francisco's Ghosts On Tape, and South Africa's DJ Spoko, and each leaves his imprint on one of the originals, with varying results.

That is not to say that there is any outright poor material here, just that Cromie and Caswell certainly have a defined enough style to warrant their own EP. "Pyrex" cuts a syncopated bounce somewhere between tropical dance music and more UK-based genres, and its measuredly propulsive drum work, along with drapey pads, is enough to sustain it. The duo drops in a bit of acid near the end as a kind of final push; It's an understandable inclusion, but possibly superfluous. "Vines" is similarly percussive, but is marked by an ecstatic, filtered-up vocal loop, which places it firmly in the hands-in-the-air, peak-time anthem category.

Ghosts on Tape seems like an ideal choice to remix "Pyrex" seeing as he began his career in an analogous style. His housey take is perhaps less exciting than the original, though its subby undercurrent and rolling snares lend it plenty of functionality. DJ Spoko's digital-only take on "Vines" strips that track of its exuberance as well, but in doing so takes it to a more ominous place. Its lean groove is predominantly driven by a wiggly synthline, as clips of the original whisper from behind moody atmospherics. Even more impressive is Kyle Hall's take on "Vines". It's one of the producer's smoother cuts, and recalls his work from a few years ago for labels like Hyperdub and Third Ear far more than it does his 2013 LP The Boat Party. Hall's musicianship ensures his take is the most complete transformation here, as he injects a fizzy, fluid synthline into a floating, dynamic arrangement. Overall, "Vines" b/w "Pyrex" is a solid first showing for Peach, and one hopes Rem Koolhaus can continue to source talent on this level moving forward. - XLR8R

"Tanka - "Strutt (Sage Caswell Remix)""

Next month, 21-year-old UK bass merchant Tanka (a.k.a. Francis Leigh) is slated to drop his Efferverse EP via Chasing Unicorns, and has preceded its release with a remix from LA newcomer Sage Caswell, who recently issued his own EP and the collaborative "Vines" b/w "Pyrex" single with Cromie. Caswell's version of "Strutt" takes the Kerri Chandler-influenced sheen pushed by the original production and gives it a peak-time techno edge with its cascading chords and robust 4/4. The rest of Tanka's Efferverse EP will see a release on August 5. - XLR8R

"Sage Caswell : "First" / "Walk It Off""

Los Angeles-made Sage Caswell sprang up out of virtually nowhere after milling about in the LA house underground, allying himself with the rock solid Amadeus crew and getting shouts from Archie Pelago. Prior to earlier this week, only two clips were available on the producer's SoundCloud-- the intoxicating "Luv" and the spacious, dizzy "Empty Rooms"-- both of which provided an early preview of the man's chops. Sage Caswell arrived this week fully formed with a free two track EP that signals with a blaring green light that the dude has some serious promise.

The aptly-titled "First," this being the first full track he's provided, is a scorcher of a tune, shooting a dub-spiked hook and a muffled vocal shout across a tectonically shifting four-to-the-floor stomp that fissures open steadily over the course of its seven minutes. The same can be said for the tougher, leaner "Walk It Off." (via XLR8R) - AdHoc

"Sage Caswell - "First""

LA upstart Sage Caswell appears to be at the beginning stages of a busy summer, with a collaborative release alongside fellow SoCal producer Cromie on its way for the Peach label and a solo effort set for release on Urulu's Amadeus imprint in the months to come. But before then, Caswell has put together a free two-track EP to help properly introduce himself to house heads across the web. Its appropriately titled lead cut, "First," is propulsive house tune that is both deep and sultry, and wraps glowing chords and distant samples around a crisp, jacking groove. The EP's b-side—an equally impressive jam called "Walk it Off"—can also be downloaded for free via Caswell's SoundCloud page. - XLR8R

"Preview :: Cromie & Sage Caswell - 'Vines' / 'Pyrex'"

Los Angeles bred deep-house/garage heads, Cromie & Sage Caswell, teamed up to deliver an infectious split record entitled, "Vines" / "Pyrex", which was originally suppose to release today on the newly established Brooklyn based label, Peach, ran by Rem Koolhaus. Due to recent complications, Peach has postponed the release to July 9th, where it will be available on 12" and digital formats. The debut from the duo contains remixes from Kyle Hall, Ghosts on Tape, and DJ Spoko. Its a sensational match-up of producers that have a similar outlook on dance music; successfully fabricating two originally unique deep-house cuts, that feel nothing but glorious at each listen. Take a preview of Peach's entire first release below via the label's soundcloud... - Thats Deck

"RA Reviews: Cromie & Sage Caswell - Vines / Pyrex (Single)"

Peach is a new label hailing from Brooklyn, though its inaugurators, Cromie & Sage Caswell, come from LA. You wouldn't guess either place judging from their music, which sounds like it came straight out of the UK. The duo channel their influences into a pleasingly individual sound that combines the swing of UK funky, the buoyancy of kwaito and the earthiness of classic American house. With some smart remix choices also included, it's not a bad way to start a label.

"Pyrex" is the rager of the two, but it's deceptively lightweight, riding its chord progression steadily upward as if it were floating. The elegance of the synths is contrasted with softly squelching acid and the sharp metal of the drums. Ghosts On Tape's remix is less ethereal, but still glows as he repurposes the groove into a stabby house banger.

Looking to the classicist side of US house, "Vines" has an almost gospel tinge to it, with a rising choir sample that occasionally surfaces over the staccato beat. Kyle Hall works his magic on a particularly clever remix, smearing the soundscape with his signature grit and adding whimsical synth doodles that evoke his earlier, smoother tracks like "You Know What I Feel." South African producer DJ Spoko, a perfect match for Cromie & Sage's rhythmic globalism, puts his own perky spin on it, bringing it closer to the funk of "Pyrex." - Resident Advisor

"Cromie & Sage Caswell - "Vines" / Kyle Hall remix"

Brooklyn-based label Peach just opened its doors, and its debut release comes from Los Angeles duo Cromie & Sage Caswell, who bring two tracks of gorgeous, radiant stuff to the table in the form of "Vines" b/w "Pyrex". The release is out now, and it's backed by a remix of some highly enjoyable, straightforward floor-thumping courtesy of Detroit mainstay Kyle Hall. - Pitchfork