Andrew Cronshaw with Tigran Aleksanyan

Andrew Cronshaw with Tigran Aleksanyan

 London, England, GBR

Unusual duo of Armenian duduk master Tigran Aleksanyan multi-instrumentalist Andrew Cronshaw (electric zither, fujara, matovantele, kantele, ba-wu etc), each drawing on their own traditions to make seductively atmospheric instrumental music.


Andrew Cronshaw is a British multi-instrumental explorer, producer and world music journalist. His dramatic, spacious music combines perspectives from English, Scottish Gaelic, Finno-Ugrian, Iberian, Middle Eastern, Polish, Serbian, Armenian and other traditions. He lives in the UK, but over the past twenty years he has been particularly connected with Finnish traditional music and its musicians.
His eighth and most recent CD, "Ochre" - viewing English folk song melodies through the traditions of Arabic, Welsh and Greek musicians is one of only two albums ever nominated for both BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music and BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. His previous album, "On the Shoulders of the Great Bear", was based on music from Finnish tradition but viewed from an outsiders perspective, involved a number of leading Finnish roots musicians and was recorded in Finland.
His musical career revolves around a 74-stringed chord zither, an instrument of which hes almost certainly the worlds sole professional player. He took it up and electrified it for the first time 40 years ago, and has since made continuous developments to its sound and technique. To this he adds other instruments far from the mainstream including marovantele (a unique Finnish kantele/Madagascan marovany hybrid of his own invention), huge Slovak flute fujara and metal-reeded Chinese ba-wu.

As a journalist he has for many years been the main writer of reviews and features on Nordic, Baltic, Iberian and other mostly European musics for the world and roots music monthly magazine fRoots, as well as for other international publications including the chapters on Finland, Sweden, Norway and the other Nordic and Baltic countries for The Rough Guide to World Music.

Over the past three years Cronshaw has been joined in a mesmerising duo by Tigran Aleksanyan, Armenian master of his countrys exquisitely soft-toned reed instrument, the duduk, one of the worlds most appealing-sounding wind instruments.
Born in the Ararat Mountains in Armenia, when he was seventeen Tigran joined the Armenian State Dance Ensemble and toured worldwide with them. Having played a number of concerts with the Ensemble in London, he moved to Britain in 2001. The move has opened up a new world for him and his music, playing among others with Cronshaw, singer Yasmin Levy, percussionist Mustafa Shams, the 35-piece La Banda Europa, and in studio and film sessions.

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ANDREW CRONSHAW discography (8 solo albums):
1974 "A Is For Andrew Z Is For Zither"
(Transatlantic Xtra)
1977 "Earthed In Cloud Valley"
1978 "Wade In The Flood"
(Transatlantic Leader Tradition)
1982 "The Great Dark Water"
1988 "Till The BeastsÂ’ Returning"
1989 "The Andrew Cronshaw CD"
(Topic)(combining "The Great Dark Water" + most of "Till the Beasts' Returning")
1993 "The Language Of Snakes"
(Topic Special Delivery)
2000 "On The Shoulders Of The Great Bear"
(Cloud Valley)
2004 "Ochre"
(Cloud Valley)
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